Podcast_ep002: PVDS

Podcast_ep002: PVDS

Post Valentine’s Day Syndrome:

A very happy day to you all. Thank you for stopping by and checking-in to our latest podCast. In this episode, Thom, Mr. Trout, Aundie, and Bobby rejoin and focus on Valentine’s Day among a whole host of other things. While things may have gotten a bit carried away with our conversation and side notes, Thom was able to wrangle the conversation back to the topic at hand, Valentine’s Day and it’s various trappings.

We hope that you enjoy and appreciate your feedback.

Listen to the PodCast Audio File by clicking this link here.

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  1. AnnAbbitz
    March 04, 19:29 Reply
    I love listening to you guys! LOL. The chemistry is obvious & the conversations funny! I'm not sure, exactly, how you guys actually manage to get any work done during the podcasts. Seems like I'd be too busy having fun to pay attention. It's good that you can bring some "intellectual stimulation" into the fray :) Keep it rambling!
  2. Aundie Donohue
    March 05, 21:07 Reply
    Thanks Ann, will do! They say laughter is the best medicine. I wouldn't disagree!

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