Get them for a friend! “Rip It Off” Undies

Get them for a friend! “Rip It Off” Undies


Show the World (and your close friends) that you ready to move on to your next adventure. Or give as a great hint and gift to a friend in need.

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What Better way to help a friend than to “Rip off” the band aid?

You will know the point where you heart has healed enough to remove it’s protective bandage and try love again. It might still be a little scabby, and that rotten band-aid has become one with the hair surrounding your wound.. (yes ladies even you have been there…) Well there is only one way to start the next stage of healing, and that is to “Rip it off”.

No, not your clothes to living a wild life of abandonment, alcohol and debauchery. But a time where you can say that emotionally your are in a stronger and better place and ready to join another partner on a journey. Not to be a burden or out of boredom, but to enrich and expand each others lives.

Our wish is that you will take time for yourself to reflect, plan, dream and map out the future you desire for yourself. Dig in deep and let the well of inspiration run free.

Integrate this into you life and watch the beauty unfold.

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