Raise Your Self Esteem

Raise Your Self Esteem

Divorce can really undermine your feelings of self-esteem, security, and safety as well as your understanding about relationships, love and family. The world you cherished has been turned upside down, and you are faced with the huge task of rebuilding yourself from the pieces. The trauma associated with a divorce may change your outlook of life and your future expectations. Here are some effective ways to regain your self-confidence after divorce.

Deepen your innermost connection

To start off, you need to recall your true self and find your purpose. Once you find out these two crucial things, you will be able to truly appreciate and love yourself. Maybe you lost your true self in the previous marriage and only defined yourself as being a wife, mother or any other outward maker. An excellent method of finding yourself again is through mindfulness or meditation practice to spend time with the person who matters the most – you.

Look your best

After a divorce, many people do not feel very inspired or attractive, nor do they even make any resolve to look their best. However, to get your self-esteem back, you need to resume taking good care of all your grooming needs while making more effort to look good. Even though you may want to just put on your cozy sweat pants before going to the store, you should instead wear some nice jeans along with lipstick to heighten your spirits. Both your inner and outward appearance contribute to a happy, healthy you.

Get out of your comfort zone

In this particular point, you should try and do something different. You do not need to stick to the same routine that you had when you were married as it will simply keep highlighting the past, which will affect your ability to move on. You do not need to completely do away with your old regular routing, but rather removing what was not nourishing you. Here you need to make any change possible to feel as if your life is now moving to a new direction. When you are not expanding outwards, you are contracting inwards, and thus, you may continue suffering as a result. Provided you feel that your life has gotten better and bigger due to your divorce, it is likely you will feel more joyful, and your self-esteem will improve.

Loving you and improving your inner core are vital to improving self-confidence after divorce. With a stronger belief in yourself and your capabilities, you will be able to form more meaningful relationships in future based on trust and intimacy by realizing that your needs are valid.

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