Reinventing Your Home to Help You Move on After a Breakup

Reinventing Your Home to Help You Move on After a Breakup

Breakups and divorces can get very nasty and can take their toll on your mental and physical health. However, at one point you have to pick up the slack and start moving on. And even though having somebody taken out of your life can be a painful matter, it’s important to remember that time has the power to make things better, bit by bit. This means taking it one day at a time and setting small, reachable goals which you can celebrate as small victories once you reach them. One of these goals can be redecorating your home. After all, now you can turn it into the ideal place for you, without having to adjust to anybody. Making changes, no matter how tiny they are, can make a huge difference in your mental state, so here are some ideas for reinventing your living space to help you recover after a breakup or a divorce.

Start with reclaiming your bedroom

Your bedroom is probably the part of your home that reminds you most of your ex. That’s where you were most intimate, where you made love and stayed awake till morning, sharing your deepest secrets and desires. The first time you decorated it, you did it together, filling it with items you held dear and important as a couple. However, it’s exactly those items that you find the most tormenting now, which is why it’s important that you get rid of them or at least put them somewhere out of sight until you feel strong enough to deal with them again. Depending on your budget, either get new furniture or repaint the pieces you already own and rearrange them. Small investments, like new drawer knobs, bedding and curtains can make an enormous impact and give the room a new look. Add a new lamp, some charming wallpaper or some cute wall art, and you’ll instantly feel happier.

Make the best of your backyard

Sunshine and vitamin D can provide you with may improve your mood and help you feel much better. So, making sure your backyard is as beautiful as the rest of your home should be one of your priorities. Plant some herbs or flowers, perhaps even some bushes or a tree or two. The greener and more cheerful your backyard is, the more it will lift your spirits. To add a touch of elegance, perhaps you can choose durable cobblestones for your garden path. They are strong enough to last for a long time, yet with a warm and inviting look, you’ll certainly love. Also, get some sturdy outdoor furniture and some colorful cushions to make it more comfortable and to add some character to the place. That will give you the perfect spot for soaking in the sun with a glass of cold lemonade or a cocktail as Insta-worthy as your whole garden.

Turn colors into your allies 

If you want to make positive changes to your emotional state, start with the choice of colors in your living space. You can go through photos of different decorative solutions online, in magazines, or by downloading an app on your phone to guide you. Being bold and choosing such vibrant colors as green, yellow, red or orange instead of the neutral ones can make your home livelier and more welcoming place. Hiring somebody to do the painting is one option, while another is to do what you can yourself, with the help of your friends, relatives or, if you have any, your kids. There is something therapeutic about painting your walls, especially so if the people who love you and support you are there to give you a hand. Other than your walls, you can add splashes of color to your rooms by getting some new cushions, sofa covers, and decorative items. They are usually very affordable, and going shopping for them can serve as a form of therapy as well.

Although some days and certain situations will be difficult to handle, after a while, you’ll feel much stronger and reconnect with your old self. Anything that can help you get there is worth doing, which includes redecorating your home, so start as soon as possible and have a good time doing it.

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