Savings for the Birds?

Savings for the Birds?

Stock, Bonds, 401K gotta save those pennies for Our Retirement…. Really?

Retire Comfortably

Retire Comfortably

Are you working yourself to Death, and a late Retirement?

What are you saving for? If it’s for comfy slippers and more golf, I might suggest the alternative option of trading in the slippers for running shoes, and the Golf? Well, play more today while you can still touch your toes and hit the ball and enjoy it.

Now don’t get me wrong I am not suggesting that your sell your home, max out the cards and live life like the world ends tomorrow. But for anyone that is or has gone through a divorce, you know that a good portion of that retirement and sports car went to the lawyers and your ex.; in fact my entire pension and savings. Again, don’t get me wrong. I am not the least bit bitter about it. In fact today I look back and feel born again. We are here for this short time to experience life, our children, family and friends to the fullest. There is a good chance that if I had spent what I did on legal fees on experiencing life with my ex, well we might still be together. No, I’m not getting all misty-eyed, but I have come to the realization that investing in people and myself is far more important than those slippers.


Ideas for Restarting your Savings

  1. Marry someone with savings – Negative – wealthy people usually don’t share and have bad breath from all the cigars they smoke
  2. Set an attainable goal. Don’t stress and listen to your Bank/Retirement professional. It is what it is. But do try to start that rainy day fund. Your goal should be three months of salary in a savings account. From that look at what your company offers, and use their 401k to start. If  your own look at some simple investments.
  3. Move to a country with Social Medicine and pensions…
  4. In the US – Practice greeting or bagging skills.

So the message. Invest in the future but also invest in the present. Life is about balance, and sometimes your family needs that trip to Disney World.


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  1. Chantelle Clark
    February 04, 10:33 Reply
    I agree that we should enjoy the present and balance out the enjoyment that we share with our friends and family and working to save money for retirement. Unfortunately a lot of people live paycheck to paycheck and need to find a better way to cut costs so that they can live better and start saving. I do think that everyone should have a rainy day fund/emergency fund because otherwise debt can become a real big problem. I want to have at least 6 months of rent/bills put away, but having 3 months of a salary worth may be more attainable for some depending on how their bills go and whatnot. The main thing is to start with what you can and get rid of any debt you have. Put any money that you have left over towards savings. Then don't touch it. Once debt is paid off, you can really begin saving, but until then find ways of cutting out more costs so that you can pay more off quicker.
  2. Chris
    February 16, 13:37 Reply
    I'm all for having an appropriate amount of money saved away for retirement or for future needs/emergencies, but I'm also highly in favor of living well and experiencing life to the fullest. I like to save my money, but every once in a while I really do like to splurge a bit, whether it's on something simple like a nice dinner or something more elaborate like a weekend getaway. As long as I know I have enough saved to feel comfortable, I don't feel the need to pinch every penny.

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