“School’s Out For Summer!” (A guide to getting out there and surviving the kids after day three…)

“School’s Out For Summer!” (A guide to getting out there and surviving the kids after day three…)

Single Parents, it’s the weekend and school is out for summer.

Don’t panic. It’s already too late (probably) to find a wealthy new partner/babysitter on Match.com so get planning before you’re driven to the brink of madness by endless sleepovers, late nights, early mornings (the only peace and opportunity to catch up), magically empty fridges and food shelves (you grocery shopped four times this week already), and the constant din of  Modern Warfare 3.

It’s Too Late — the inmates have escaped the asylum.

So, to be honest, I survived the mad years: the pre-16 non-drivers. This year my daughter graduated high school, and my youngest baby passed his driving test so much of the summer madness has passed as they can transport themselves. On the flip side, keeping up with where they are and what they are up to is an entirely different type of stress. If you have toddlers, you’re probably already looking for some peace this summer, and with late teens you just want them home safe and sound.

For the Teens & Tweens

  • Hide the HDMI Cable – No Xbox and TV
  • “Lets paint.. The deck”
  • Get a Summer Job!

From camp programs to swimming lessons and sports, check out your area YMCA, and you’re bound to find something for every interest and ability level.

Single Parent Friendly Vacations

  • Alamo Drafthouse offers local kids’ programs and camps. Check out your local movie theater offerings for kids’ movie camps.
  • Church camps
  • Local school sports camps
  • Public libraries offer more than books! See what programs your library is putting on this summer. Learn about 3D printing, hear from a local author, or check out summer reading material.

For the Whole Family

  • Get out there – The great outdoors is a great way to spend time with your kids this summer. Find local hikes, tune up your bikes, or check out a park.

And Whatever you do… Don’t leave the School Summer  Reading Projects until August…

Summer Survivor,


Ages 6-11
60 Simple & Easy Summertime Activities, Ideas, Games & Crafts Child-led & Play-based: Build your child's self-esteem & help grow their decision making skills Great for your home-learning environment Requires little to no prep-work - Use items from around the house Choosing a coin from the box is a surprise every single time!

Choose Your Adventure

OK. So let’s get real. You Might Not Make it!

So just in case here is your adult survival kit, Band-aids, books, and homemade booze.
Three Great Reasons to Make Your Own Wine:- why let the pros have all the fun? 1 Share with Friends – Drinking wine with friends and family is the best part about enjoying a good bottle of wine – now you have an opportunity to brag that the great bottle is actually yours. 2 It’s Affordable – You’ll be able to produce 5 litres of your very own wine for a great price per bottle. 3 Start a Hobby – Creating something can be a fun challenge, but the challenge becomes even more satisfying when you can enjoy the fruits of your own labor.

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