Why Implementing Self Care Matters During the Divorce Process

Why Implementing Self Care Matters During the Divorce Process

Learning to take care of yourself can be one of the most valuable lessons you learn following a divorce or breakup.

As you feel the emotions of your loss and begin learning from your experience, you can resolve to take better care of yourself and make positive choices going forward.

You, body, mind, soul, spirit - a simple mind map for personal growth

You, body, mind, soul, spirit – a simple mind map for personal growth

Make time each day to nurture yourself. Help yourself heal by scheduling daily time for activities you find calming and soothing. Go for a walk in nature, listen to music, enjoy a hot bath, get a massage, read a favorite book, take a yoga class, or savor a warm cup of tea.

Pay attention to what you need in any given moment and speak up to express your needs. Honor what you believe to be right and best for you even though it may be different from what your ex or others want. Say “no” without guilt or angst as a way of honoring what is right for you.
Stick to a routine.

A divorce or relationship breakup can disrupt almost every area of your life, amplifying feelings of stress, uncertainty, and chaos. Getting back to a regular routine can provide a comforting sense of structure and normalcy.

Take a time out.

Try not to make any major decisions in the first few months after a separation or divorce, like starting a new job or moving to a new city. If you can, wait until you’re feeling less emotional so that you can make better decisions.
Avoid using alcohol, drugs, or food to cope. When you’re in the middle of a breakup, you may be tempted to do anything to relieve your feelings of pain and loneliness. But using alcohol, drugs, or food as an escape is unhealthy and destructive in the long run. It’s essential to find healthier ways of coping with painful feelings.

Explore new interests.

A divorce or breakup is a beginning as well as an end. Take the opportunity to explore new interests and activities. Pursuing fun, new activities gives you a chance to enjoy life in the here-and-now, rather than dwelling on t and he past.

Get out and try something new,

Jen P



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  1. Thom Slade
    December 17, 22:18 Reply
    Really enjoyed this thanks Jen. I was just thinking about this today, comparing the lost and alone feelings of five years ago, to how positive I feel today. Thanks again.
  2. Chris
    January 19, 14:29 Reply
    Some people think that there just aren't enough hours in the day to make time to take care of themselves, but it's so worth it. One of my favorite suggestions here is sitting down with a cup of tea - I do it often, and I've realized that it's the most energizing and the most beneficial for my soul when I do nothing else but sit there with my tea. No drinking it in front of TV, or while reading, or anything like that. Just me, my tea, and the most comfortable chair in my house. I always feel great by the time I finish my cup!

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