Side Gigs–Making Extra Money to Supplement Income

Side Gigs–Making Extra Money to Supplement Income

The Number 1 Skincare Solution in the US

I’m a full-time single mom with a full-time career.

My kids’ interests are broad. As a single mom, I never want them to feel like they are missing out on something because I can’t afford it. We review our budget as a family, so yes, that means they know how much I make, how much their dad contributes for child support, and the fixed costs associated with maintaining a household. The first time I showed them my detailed budget, my son got up and went to his room without saying a word. He returned with his coconut bank and poured out every dollar and cent on the table. “Mom, you need this more than I do.” On one hand, I was touched by his thoughtfulness. On the other hand, I crumbled a little bit inside because that wasn’t the point.

The point: We have everything we need, but we have to make financially responsible choices.

That’s a nice way of saying I am raising two teenagers bent on participating in every activity available to them on a teacher’s salary. And I don’t want them to feel guilty for wanting a comic book or a dress for the school dance.

Over the years, our finances have always worked out. But who am I kidding? Teenagers are expensive.

From driving expenses to braces, and growing like a weed to school involvement, maintaining kids is not cheap.

What’s a mom to do?

I really didn’t go looking for a side job, but one fell into my lap. And I love it! 

Let me say that I’m not one of these people who is comfortable pitching some product or begging my friend’s cousin to host a party so I can sell stuff. Just not my thing. But I can get behind selling a product I use to people who would benefit from it or would purchase it anyway. Win – Win.

At my regular Saturday morning workout, I paired up with another mom I know at a we-work-out-at-the-gym-at-the-same-time level. We got to talking about aging in our current endeavor to defy gravity at the gym. She asked me what skincare I used, and I told her I had been using Rodan+Fields for a few years and really loved the results. She said, “Me too! In fact, I’ve been a R+F consultant for a few years. Have you ever thought about becoming a consultant?”

OK, instantly I start my list of reasons why there’s no way that’s going to happen. Then she said, “Most people don’t realize that by becoming a consultant, they can easily get their products for free.” I was listening. Then she said, “I started out with paying for my products as my goal, but now I make enough from this little side business to pay my mortgage and two private school tuitions plus my products.”

I wasn’t saying no…

I took an honest look at what this opportunity could mean and what the demands of my time looked like. And then I said what the heck.

One month in, I had earned a promotion and made a hefty dent in earning my products and my daughter’s skincare. I don’t bother people with a sales pitch. But I do connect people I know with top quality skincare solutions that I believe in. Most of the time, a friend of a friend texts me “DO YOU SELL RODAN+FIELDS?! HOOK ME UP!”  They end up with products they love. I benefit with a little financial cushion and the flexibility to spend a few minutes here and there on a business I run on my own terms.

If you are interested in learning more about the Number 1 skincare line in the US or the Rodan+Fields business opportunity, email me.

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