Single Parenting: Are Children as Happy as with Both their Parents?

Single Parenting: Are Children as Happy as with Both their Parents?

‘Children are no less happy in single-parent homes’, as proved by numerous studies made over the years!

We are living in a world where the term ‘Single Parenting’ is growing by each passing day. As it becomes tremendously common amongst the masses, people have started to raise questions related to the upbringing of a

child, with a single parent. There is a lot of discussion stressing over the need of teamwork when it comes to raising a child.

Although, there are many myths related with the act of single parenting, a child raised by a single parent has just as many opportunities to thrive in the future as a child living with both the parents. People are not properly aware of the aspects which are truly important in matters of a child with a single parent. Moving on, let us talk about how children with a single parent are as happy as a child with both its biological parents, starting with what single parenting basically is.

What is Single Parenting?

Single parenting is basically a term which describes an uncoupled individual who performs the day-to-day duties and responsibilities of upbringing a child or children. In most cases, a mother is considered the primary caregiver to a child. Single parenting can be caused by several reasons; death of the partner, unplanned pregnancy or most commonly, divorce. When we hear that someone is a single parent, we automatically create an image of that person and their child going through the struggles of life. However, there is a completely different side to this concept.

Are Children Happy?

According to the Researchers from NatCen Social Research, the composition of a family does not have any significant effect over the happiness of a child or children. Many studies even show that parents who split-up made the right decision, as if they had stayed together, emotional clashes would have increased, which would have been worse for their child. Most people might think that having both parents around is the key to the happiness of a child. However, the scenario is quite different according to most of the researches made till date.

What Really Matters?

‘It’s the quality of the relationships at home that matters, not the family composition’ says, Jenny Chanfreau, senior Researcher at NatCen. Children who are from broken families are likely to be unhappy and is severe cases, mentally disabled. However, a house in which healthy relationships, with siblings or with the single parent are promoted, children are more likely to be happy and positive. What actually matters is your relationship with your parent, regardless that you have one or both your biological parents living with you.

The Final Verdict:

Single parenting is a difficult job without doubt, however, it does not mean that a single parent cannot keep their child or children as happy as both the parents combined. Instead, research has shown that children who are brought up by a single parent, are attached to their home and their parent more than children living with both their parents. Hence, if you hear about a single parent, do not think that they must be struggling through life, but imagine how you can support that struggle.

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