Single Parenting Resources

Single Parenting Resources

…can leave you needing some guidance. There are lots of books and tidbits to help make for a positive single parenting environment. We have put together a list of what you might need to succeed when you find yourself in a single parenting rut for you and your children.

An internationally renowned authority on children and divorce reveals the latest research-based strategies for helping children survive and thrive before, during, and long after their parents divorce.

The breakup of a family can have an enduring impact on children. But as Dr. JoAnne Pedro-Carroll explains with clarity and compassion in this powerful book, parents can positively alter the immediate and long-term effects of divorce on their children. The key is proven, emotionally intelligent parenting strategies that promote children’s emotional health, resilience, and ability to lead satisfying lives.

The inspiring and hilarious instant New York Times bestseller from the beloved parenting expert, public speaker, and founder of whose writing “is like a warm embrace” (

Glennon Doyle Melton’s hilarious and poignant reflections on our universal (yet often secret) experiences have inspired a social movement by reminding women that they’re not alone. In Carry On, Warrior, she shares her personal story in moving, refreshing, and laugh-out-loud-funny new essays and some of the best-loved material from Her writing invites us to believe in ourselves, to be brave and kind, to let go of the idea of perfection, and to stop making motherhood, marriage, and friendship harder by pretending they’re not hard. In this one woman’s trying to love herself and others, readers will find a wise and witty friend who shows that we can build better lives in our hearts, homes, and communities.

Being a parent is challenging enough. Being a single parent can seem downright impossible―until now. Drawing on material from his successful Single Parenting That Works curriculum guide and video series, America’s favorite parenting expert, Dr. Kevin Leman, brings help and hope to the legions of single parents struggling to raise happy, healthy, well-adjusted children in a loving, caring and biblically grounded way. Using his trademark quirky, no-nonsense approach, Dr. Leman shows parents how to build healthy, mature relationships with their former spouses, how to develop their children’s self-esteem, and how to discipline and relate to their kids in accordance with their unique God-given personalities.

In this ground-breaking volume author Armin Brott gives single dads the knowledge, skills, and support they need to become-and remain-actively involved fathers. With the same thoroughness, accessibility, and humor that have made the books in his critically acclaimed New Father series the best and most popular fatherhood guides in the country, Brott steers divorced, separated, gay, widowed, and never-married men through every aspect of fathering without a partner. Incorporating the advice of top psychologists, lawyers, and other experts, The Single Father offers a wealth of essential information and practical tips.

The first handbook for the rapidly growing number of American women choosing single motherhood, written by the director of the national organization, Single Mothers by Choice.

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  1. Jen
    May 04, 16:28 Reply
    Single parenting is insane. It's just so hard to be one person trying to do the job of 2 (or let's face it...many more). Juggling time and keeping up energy are hard enough without dating. I'm excited that this book addresses dating from such a specific standpoint.
  2. victormiz
    May 07, 21:31 Reply
    I believe that it is harder on the children in a single parenting situation. The child has to be sure to see both the mother and father separately which causes them to have double lives. I like how this book illustrates this perspective.
  3. Jane
    August 20, 03:59 Reply
    I think this selection of books is very interesting because it includes a book for single dads, and one for mothers who are single out of choice. Both categories are quite unrepresented so it's great that you've included them. I really like the sound of 'Carry On, Warrior' because mothers put far too much pressure on themselves to be perfect and it's much healthier to embrace the imperfections and non-perfection of life. Life is beautiful because it is messy. There would be no stories to tell if everything went smoothly and to plan.
  4. Madison Knox
    September 16, 21:15 Reply
    Single parenting is TOUGH! I rarely have time for myself it seems. I will check out these books.
  5. Chris
    January 19, 19:30 Reply
    I love that there's an option for singles mothers by choice, I think that's definitely an audience that doesn't get as much attention, but is definitely just as deserving of these resources as any other single mother. I believe that the number of women who are choosing to become single mothers are going to keep growing, so it's important to recognize them as well. Thanks for these resources!
  6. paulina
    February 11, 22:52 Reply
    Thanks for the very helpful resources! Single parenting is tough but also empowering and rewarding! Knowing that there are millions of single parents around the world like me, I feel very normal and no longer shy about my situation. I hope my children grow as good and healthy individuals. Indeed, this life is both messy but wonderful!

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