So I Carried a Watermelon

So I Carried a Watermelon

Remember that scene in Dirty Dancing when Baby gets asked to go to the party with the cool kids? She’s walking across the bridge, runs into Johnny who looks incredulously at his cousin and says, “What’s she doing here?”

Baby: “I carried a watermelon…”
Johnny: (silence and walks away)

Wait for it……….

Baby: “I carried a watermelon?!?????” (Obvious mortification)

I find myself in what I affectionately call the I-carried-a-watermelon moments on nearly a daily basis. I’m past being mortified most of the time and just think to myself, “Ah, I’m good for today. Carry on.” But I’m sitting here with time to reflect wondering when that started. I didn’t always wish I had the ability to go back and erase the last thing that scooted past my filter to announce itself and always with an audience.

I think there are two major reasons, and I think they are positive evolutions albeit marginally embarrassing.

1. I put myself in an increasing number of new situations with new people. Now days I feel pretty comfortable in my single-mom skin. Most people know what I’m about, which in no way includes husband or boyfriend stealing, and my kids are getting older so they are involved in more, which means I’m busy and interacting with lots of people I know on a surface level or am meeting for the first time. This means I’m having more random conversations, asking lots of questions to get to know people, and agreeing to show up and be part of things I’ve no experience doing. “Sure, I’ll volunteer to make 5 life-size cutout people. Just come help me paint.” And three women I’ve met once are spending a Saturday in my garage. And now I’m explaining a pair of snowshoes and why I own a snake bite kit.

2. I’m past caring approximately 98% of the time. I tripped over my own foot, snorted when I laughed, or said I think any ice cream other than Blue Bell is a waste of caloric intake to Ben & Jerry. Big fat hairy deal. I’ll live. At least I’m not boring and generally good for one guaranteed laugh at my own expense. There are far worse things. I figure everyone deserves a break. Lord knows if they are executing anything like my schedule, it’s no small miracle they’ve got the day of the week right. I wish I’d gotten over myself a long time ago.

So I carried a watermelon. Who doesn’t love watermelon?!

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