Solo… & Wookiee Free.

Solo… & Wookiee Free.

Yes, I’m jumping on the band wagon. Why not? The Star Wars series changed my life and my favorite Christmas gift ever came in the shape of a Millennium Falcon.


Christmas was like every other for the first 18 years of my life. Our families pilgrimage to the funnest and happiest house in England at a small village North of London. This trip began every year on a packed bus of a 4-5 hour ride. Armed with a Walkman and a tape of full of Christmas hits and Top of the Pop Hits, it was magical and exciting. Looking back now, I realize the effort and work my mother had to put into making this happen including carrying every gift or every shape and size on that long journey, with no “star” to follow but the M1 motorway.

I remember that Christmas, not what my mother had given up to get us there, but as a child unwrapping the long awaiting Star Wars dream with a clicking rotating gun turret and electric warning siren that sounded the same as the buzz on the Operation game.

I bought that same ship for my eldest son as soon as he could walk, the one I stored, in it’s original box, even with a thousand hours playing time had long disappeared from my dads attic. His now lives in my attic (with real battle sounds… but whatever I digress). As time moves on, what I do think about now is that my father was never part of those Christmas memories. The reasons why are not important other than as a point of reflection. I loved Christmas, but I still missed my dad.

“Solo” this Christmas

To all those preparing for a Christmas without your children, I say this. Tell them that you love the,. Kiss and hug them a lot. Remember that this is for a short time and next year it will be your turn.  Focus on the most important and magical thing about Christmas. and that is the innocence and wonder of your children and the children around you. Put on your merriest of faces during this time and be a blessing and joy to others. Use your being “Solo” as a time of reflection and positive plan of attack for your future.

& “Wookiee Free”

Greater interactions with your “ex” occur this time of year, and no matter what type of “walking carpet” is no longer the love in your life, be at peace that a new year is close and finish the year with good cheer and character.

Blessings, HoHOHo & May the Force be with You


Yoda: “Help you I can. Yes, mmm.Luke: “I don’t think so. I’m looking for a great warrior.Yoda: “Oh! Great warrior. Wars not make one great.“―Yoda and Luke Skywalker, meeting on Dagobah[src]

And to scratch your Star Wars itch….

  • Star Wars Power of the Force Electronic Millennium Falcon!
  • Electronic Lights and Authentic Movie Sounds!
  • Includes 4 Authentic Sounds Right from the Movie! Screaming Engine Fly-By, Firing Quad Laser Cannons, Jump-to-Lightspeed Takeoff and Emergency Alarm Warning of Incoming Attack!
  • Removable Panel Reveals Interior Features! Uncover Hidden Smuggler’s Compartment Under Ship’s Deck!
  • Flashing Laser Cannons! Front Running Lights!


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