Start a Winter garden, Getting ready for the weekend.

Start a Winter garden, Getting ready for the weekend.

Outdoors that is!! Gardening is not just for the Spring and Summer time and we could all spend a little more time outdoors with mother nature reconnecting and spending some time with ourselves or family and loved ones.

How to start you Garden:

First you will need to determine what vegetables to grow, given temperature and lack of light will be a reality you will have to go with the colder tolerate spring/fall options. Winter veggie growth does vary from state to state so please check out Mother Earth News to see what works best in your area. Here is a list of my favorite basic winter veggies to plant:










Swiss chard and other greens

If you are starting with seeds: 

Use some row covers to provide a little extra temperature (5-10F) depending on the thickness of the plastic and the volume of air you are  

attempting to keep warm. Jusy keep in mind.. the thicker the plastic the better the temperature retention, though allows less light to get through.

Why let your gardening season end, with a little creativity there are many vegetables that can continue growing right through winter.

Sow now before it gets too cold!


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  1. Thom Slade
    November 22, 09:10 Reply
    Fun article, Thanks Aundie. Once again I'm inspired to get out there and try something new or at least go to "Sprouts"...

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