Starting Something New

Starting Something New


Why I run..


Who in the world likes running? Why would you spend hours, literally, running at the ass crack of dawn on a Saturday morning? Why are you willing to put that stress on your body? These are the most common questions people ask me.

Let’s hop on board the honesty train. I started running five years ago. My first “run” was .87 miles. Yes, you read that right, not even one full mile. Gasping for air as if it were my last breathe, I started walking and when I saw .87, I thought “Oh I was born in 1987, so .87 is good.” My brain is a scary place. For some reason that made total sense to me.

Then I signed us up for a 5k. The look on my face was priceless. I began asking Google if I would die, if I would be last, if I would throw up. Don’t Google these things, friends. I trained for weeks. I would have chosen to clean out the maggot dumpster from college again instead of running a 5k. I kept telling myself I was a bad-ass and could do anything, the same strategy I harnessed during my scuba certification class.

On mile two of my 5k, I thought I was dying, but I kept saying over and over again “Just run bitch. RUN BITCH!” Yes, I called myself a bitch continuously for 35 minutes. Whatever works, right? Then, the finish line was in sight. I was given VIP access to the gates of heaven. I know that’s a little extreme, but I’m a little extreme. Crossing the finish line was even better. I always knew I had an addictive personality and I’m glad the finish line is my drug of choice. The finish line was my motivation to sign up for a 10k, 3 half marathons and 2 full marathons.

Try a race, any race. 1 mile, 3 miles, 10 miles, it doesn’t matter. I can guarantee you will hate running. I can also guarantee you will eventually form a love-hate relationship with running. Finally, I’m sure one day you will have completely fallen in love with running and join the cult of people that never stop talking about running. Try it once and you can thank me later with a race entry fee.

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  1. Thom Slade
    November 09, 21:13 Reply
    Love it, I have never tried that self motivation, but will see if it works. But must remember to use my "inside voice" as I dont want to scare the neighbors. How long between the 5k and the full marathon?
    • Marie Brown
      November 14, 05:23 Reply
      Putting a blue-tooth device on and pretending to communicate to someone you dislike is always fun too. Come back and visit Saturday, I will be sharing more of my running story as I train for the Dallas marathon. Till then, Marie
      • Samantha123
        April 27, 03:42 Reply
        I thought I was the only one doing that, haha! I usually run late at night and this helps me clear my mind and get all the bad energies out of my system. Heck, most of the days I find myself creating imaginary dialogues with people I can’t stand and you know what, I always know exactly what to say while back in the real world I rarely have the last word and this annoys me like hell! Well, at least my scenarios are better!!
  2. Jason Clark
    June 05, 15:31 Reply
    What... Marathons!!! Are you serious? That's some passion I see there in you, Marie. Some will say going from a first run of .87 miles to completing full-marathons in 5 years isn't much of a feat. But, let me break it down for those: It's not even remotely easy unless someone's a full-time athlete. That being said, it's not about the 5 years time period here, it's about how passionate this lady is and the levels of "I can do anything" attitude she possesses. It is attitudes like these which make people like Usain Bolt what they are. They are a bit arrogant, bit strange, but equally badass. Good on you, lady. Keep it up!

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