Step Three: Rip It Off

Step Three: Rip It Off

Step three: Rip it off – Ready to Move On, help others and free your heart.

You will know the point where you heart has healed enough to remove it’s protective bandage and try love again. It might still be a little scabby, and that rotten band-aid has become one with the hair surrounding your wound.. (yes ladies even you have been there…) Well there is only one way to start the next stage of healing, and that is to “Rip it off”.

No, not your clothes to living a wild life of abandonment, alcohol and debauchery. But a time where you can say that emotionally your are in a stronger and better place and ready to join another partner on a journey. Not to be a burden or out of boredom, but to enrich and expand each others lives.

Only you will know if you are ready. This might be one of those times NOT to listen to mother, or father, or friends.. The analogy of getting back on the horse that bucked you is wrong. You need a different horse or you may need no horse at all. Time will tell. Give yourself enough breathing room and space to learn about who you are and what drives you.

“Ripping it off” is the most challenging part of the moving on process, what happens next is where the magic begins. We are creating a personal journal so you can have a sacred place that’s all about you. Jot down your thoughts, feelings and emotions. Participate in the exercises, grow as an individual and learn more about yourself.

Our wish is that you will take time for yourself to reflect, plan, dream and map out the future you desire for yourself. Dig in deep and let the well of inspiration run free.

Integrate this into you life and watch the beauty unfold.

-The IMO team

If your there then its time to “Rip It Off”

Is it Time?

Is it Time?

  1. Set Goals – Put a time frame on where you want to be a year from now and with whom. Use our notebook or one of your own to put in writing your daily thoughts so you can review your personal progress. to set off on new adventures and new relationships.
  2. Get Help – Use the Imology Coaches to help you on this journey.
  3. Join Us – Stay tuned for relationship classes and relationship meet ups.
  4.  Show & Share With Us – What image of your life best depicts your Moved On status?

– “Rip It Off party”- Declaring it for the world, family and friends. A defining starting point.

– New adventures and activities – Learning to ski or skydive, or a new focus on your passions and gifts?


Ready to Rip It Off?

-New Love?

Get out there and share your new adventures with us.

Send a picture that defines the new you, experience or adventure as you have moved on.

Email to If we add to our “Rip it Off” Instagram feed we will send you a free T-shirt!

Or try our new App Partner – “Own Your Spot”

An Awesome new Visual Journal. Download for free from the App Store Today or learn more here.

With Love,

Your IMO Team






3 Simple Steps to Move on

  1. You have to decide to start the journey and get aboard. Make a conscious decision. (Become a member and comment on articles and share your opinion)
  2. You have to decide to take the high road and Soar (it’s ok to clip a few tree tops!) and not stay in the quagmire/pig pen. Make a plan or a direction. Where do you want to go or be at the end of the journey? Without a plan you will be buffeted by the wind and thrown off course.  Learn how to steer and navigate around storms or deal with them without crashing. (Get a Life Coach to help understand your Goals and desires)
  3. Make the journey to discover yourself, your loves, passions. goals and work on yourself and prepare for the next relationship, stage, opportunity or growth. (Share your story and write. Free your voice and help others)
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