Step Two: Begin To Heal And Get Help

Step Two: Begin To Heal And Get Help

Do you need someone to talk to, help or guidance?

A safe, convenient and confidential link between those needing  guidance and coaching through break up or divorce and the professionals that can help along the way.

You’re Not Alone:

Millions of people each year go through break up or divorce. We’ve been there and understand that first weekend without the kids, or the quiet nights in an empty house—not to mention the craziness of single parenthood. Sometimes we just need to talk things through. IMO’s professional coaches are here to help you through to the other side with as much or as little attention as you need.

Find a local Therapist or coach here

A Therapist of coach can help you to better understand:

  1. Where you are in the Process – “My starting point in the Journey.”

  2. Where you want to go – “What do I have to do, and how do I get there?”

  3. If you’re ready to move on to life’s next adventure – “Am I there yet?”


Get Help – Search Here

Also checkout our list of resources – Books & Healing though Humor Here.



3 Simple Steps to Move on

  1. You have to decide to start the journey and get aboard. Make a conscious decision. (Become a member and comment on articles and share your opinion)
  2. You have to decide to take the high road and Soar (it’s ok to clip a few tree tops!) and not stay in the quagmire/pig pen. Make a plan or a direction. Where do you want to go or be at the end of the journey? Without a plan you will be buffeted by the wind and thrown off course.  Learn how to steer and navigate around storms or deal with them without crashing. (Get a Life Coach to help understand your Goals and desires)
  3. Make the journey to discover yourself, your loves, passions. goals and work on yourself and prepare for the next relationship, stage, opportunity or growth. (Share your story and write. Free your voice and help others)
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