Turn Your Struggles Into Something

Turn Your Struggles Into Something

Trying times bring out a lot in a person….the worst, the best, community, and even new ideas. Divorce for example can bring out the ugly for sure. But during these difficult times you’re also able to see who will stand by you, step back, and reevaluate.

While divorce can feel like you’re whole world is turned upside down, it also shifts your perspective, changes your friend group, and might even shift your values. These all play into the stronger, “new you transformation” that comes out of trying times. That new you has a wonderful opportunity to take your struggles and create something beautiful. Challenging times have the potential to spark creativity. I think it’s because during difficult times we’re working harder and being more resourceful.

Similar to Thom’s journey, I turned my struggles into a community. For me, I struggle with anxiety. I was able to write about my anxiety through my blog The Honest Consumer. At first I was scared about sharing my story. But in a way it was freeing to put it all out there. After I shared my first post about my mental health struggle an outpouring of love and support followed. I was able to share my story and connect with an abundance of other people who were going through similar struggles. The ability to be vulnerable can be incredibly challenging, especially when you’ve previously been hurt. However, being vulnerable allows us to be more authentic, get to know ourselves better, and lead to a deeper self love. So turn your struggles into something! Turn your anxious feelings into a community. Use your anger to become a master at kickboxing. Turn your sadness into a hand-knitted scarf. Channel your feelings and create something! The possibilities are endless. You never know just what will happen or who you will meet!

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Emily is the founder of The Honest Consumer which shares the stories of social enterprises, spreads the word of ethically made goods, and empowers consumers. She also founded Anxiously Awake to encourage the mental health conversation and create a community people sharing a similar struggle.

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