Suckity Suck

Suckity Suck

Or Buckity Buck….

A week full of Buckets.

A week full of Buckets.

(This article has been censored by our Princess of Editorial Power, apparently I’m told freedom of expression does not include a potty mouth…)

Life. It’s difficult. If you have been “bucked” by a life partner, it’s more difficult. The more you are bucked the more difficult it is. We are creatures of habit. So after years of “habit” how do you move on and chuck it in the “Suck-it-bucket”?

Simple. Life moves on, and so do your “problems,” situations, and sewage.


This last week has been one big nut punch. My AC went out; apparently it did not respond well to the Kung Fu kicks (a precise repair technique) as it was squeaking… For those reading from a cold and rainy location, this might not sound like a big deal. But for those in Texas, we know that not only does the interior of your house become a place to bake bread, it causes the teen occupants to become more irritable than usual. Picture living “in” the cage with a couple of tigers with toothaches and large thorns in both paws. This should have been “bucket” number one, but I’m thankful for a week in Texas with an actual cool breeze and going to sleep with the windows open listening to the peaceful chirps of insects.

My mum was visiting from England last week. One particular night, she thought she was having a heart attack. Apparently said her prayers and goodbye to her partner who frantically wanted to come wake me up to call an ambulance… “No” she said… “He’s tired and needs his sleep”… The following morning this story did cause a “What the …” moment, but I was grateful for the extra sleep and the fact that she was still ready for more shopping.


We all have stories. Some Sad. Some Happy.

We all deal with “not nice people” (Edited) in our lives. Some are our family members, some are work colleagues, and there can even be the  ex’s… We go through “it”. Wake up sometimes in “it” and sometimes slip in “it”.

The key is to keep moving. Deal with it patiently. Then flush the negative. “It is never positive to hold on to the negative.” Grinding your teeth only hurts your jaw. So buy some gum. And occasionally inside your head or out for the world as long as it doesn’t lead to jail.. release your inner sailor like breathing out. And leave it at that right where it is. Breathe, release, and start on your journey again.

Love & Flushing,

Thom (with mouth full of soap and water)

P.S. Suck it Editor

P.P.S Look for my book.. and an introduction the beautiful art of expression after stubbing your toe…

Click here and F*@?! Everything.

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