Survive back to school.

Back to school shopping can be just as stressful (if not more) than Christmas. With all of the malls super crowded and kids not wanting to go back to school, life can get very chaotic. But i’ve got great news for you! You can not only survive but thrive with these 5 simple steps! Earn your black belt this year in BTS (back to school).

1. Start with closet cleaning. Sort through the closets with each of your children. Organize what still fits them, get an idea of what they currently have and build outfits of of that, then donate (or sell) what no longer fits. If you decide to sell this can be a great way for your kids to learn a little bit about business.

2. The Master plan. Set a budget and make a list of what each child needs. Go over the list with your children and find out what is most important to them. Help them make budget trade-offs. For example, if they want an expensive backpack then they will need to opt for less expensive pants.

3. Shop Online. Join the many moms or dads this year who plan to shop online! Almost every store has an online shop and there are even more stores who don’t have an actual store front to visit! Your children can browse through items and place the items they like on a wish list for you to browse. Most stores have really quick shipping and great return policies.

4. Do this individually. Schedule back to school shopping time with each child individually so you can give them your undivided attention and have fun! They grow up so fast so cherish this time to get to learn a little more about them.

5. Sales. Purchase as much as you can on sale. But before you purchase any items Google the name of the store and see if they are offering any coupon codes on any sites. This is a great opportunity to teach your children how to be frugal and that money goes further when you find great deals!

I would love to hear how it goes for all you brave parents!

Happy shopping,



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  1. Jane
    August 20, 04:08 Reply
    This is very relevant for me as I have a child starting school next month. Cleaning out the closet is obviously a good idea even if your child will be wearing a uniform, as is setting a budget. I think shopping online makes sense if you have more than one child, but I remember loving the trip to WH Smiths to buy all my new stationary for the school year. Things have changed of course since then...
  2. Jason Clark
    August 29, 15:16 Reply
    Ah! Back to school shopping. You made me all nostalgic. I fondly remember how my parents used to help me in shopping for new uniform, books, stationary, etc. before the start of the new session of school. Lovely memories! Coming back to the article, some very solid advice for parents here. Parents can surely make good use of online stores these days. Since, most of these sites run promotional offers and offer discount coupons round the year, it's always good to check out from these online stores first before hitting your favorite shops in town.

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