Tattoos and Life’s other Little Regerts…

Tattoos and Life’s other Little Regerts…

“Under Pressure…” Sings Queen,

Yep. There are some...

Yep. There are some…

Not that one. No definitely not.

Last Thanksgiving I had a health scare. I woke up with a baby Elephant on my chest. This is not usual as I don’t own an Elephant. Needless to say I went to see my Dr, whom then sent me to a heart specialist. It was not a heart attack but apparently an infection that feels like one and was brought on by stress. Which is weird. As people who know me, know that I do not stress out much. I have a pretty good peace about who I am, where I am, and am thankful each day for it. This was not a usual month for me… My ex was getting re-married and taking the kids on an adventure to the islands. I didn’t feel stressed about her “moving on” but more about what that change could mean for all our relationships. For the last number of years she has not very engaged. She is a loving mother, just not always there which meant that I am the lone parent (with help from family before i get in trouble, I could not do it without them). So it was back to uncertainty which was also occurring in my workplace as other opportunities were opening up. Like for most people uncertainty and change add a different level of nervousness about decisions and how they will effect your future which together can equal the weight of an elephant, apparently.

A few weeks later I had to take additional stress tests which I passed with flying colors. It also meant that I had to travel with a “Nuclear” Doctors note to travel though airport security, but it unfortunately did not give me x-ray  vision or the ability to fly (what super power would you want? Send us a note to compile the top ten). During this test, I noticed on the wrist of my nurse a small 1/2 inch tattoo of “Jack” of the fast food chain fame. Not that this made me nervous of the guy pumping a radioactive material into my body, but I was intrigued. He said, he was out with his then girlfriend and they saw a sign as they walked past a tattoo shop for $1 tattoo night. So they went in and he chose “Jack”. Being the rare individual left in this world with “le naturel” skin I wondered if he regretted it? This was a permanent fast food icon on his hand? What if they poisoned someone, or he became a Vegan? But then he showed me his next tattoo. On his shoulder he had a large old fashioned lock (OK this sounds weird that a male nurse is showing me his shoulder during a medical procedure but get over it. It’s a Thomism. This kind of thing happens to me most days). He said his girlfriend was into tattoos. They had been dating for three months and she suggested they get one on a date night. He chose the lock, she chose and old fashioned large key on her forearm. “What a complete idiot” I wanted to say. Here is a good looking healthy guy, placing something on his body forever, after knowing a girl for three months. Yes, he already had a “Jack” tattoo so he doesn’t sound like a wise decision maker.. but he looked like and acted like a smart Shia LaBeouf.

Inked Commitment or Broken Art?

The moral of this story is… He has been married now for six years. I know that’s not forever. But for some reason it gave me a positive hope in life and love that you can trust, and trust easily. For me that’s a step forward. Maybe romantic, but maybe there is someone out there I’d adorn my clean canvas with “Forever” and with “No Regrets”.

Do you have a Tattoo with a story? Id love to hear it or better yet send me a picture at 

With NO “Regerts”..


PS. – Its in my head so watch David Bowie & Queens “Under Pressure” here

And for those needing inspiration. Color the book. Not your skin –

Adult Coloring Book. Featuring over 100 stunning designs, this remarkable coloring book celebrates the best in tattoo art. From classic flowers and celtic designs to fantastic beasts and cultural motifs from around the world, each page is crying out for some ink. Coloring is a fantastic way to inspire both mindfulness and creativity, improve coordination, and hone artistic skill. Everyone has an inner artist just waiting to be released, and what could be more satisfying a canvas than a beautiful piece of body art?

Or for future planning a cool coffee table book. Again less painful, and you get cool points for thinking about it when your friends come over-

Tattoos have gone from badges of rebellion to fashion statements fully absorbed into mainstream culture. They are enjoying a renaissance, with graphic designers and artists creating specialty tattoos for a growing audience, unleashing a revival of interest in the bawdy vintage tattoo. Old school tattoos are being rediscovered (sometimes ironically, sometimes not) by a new generation. Originally embraced by rebels, sailors, and gangsters, these tattoos—broken hearts, naked girls, floral motifs, and maritime emblems—are now showing up on the fashion runway and in music videos. This book chronicles vintage motifs in thematic chapters interspersed with profiles of influential tattoo artists and their distinctive designs: Sailor Jerry Collins, Don Ed Hardy (“the Godfather of Tattoos”), Mike “Rollo Banks” Malone, Bert Grimm, Japan’s Horiyoshi III, and Shanghai’s Pinky Yun.

Tattoo Image from-

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