4 Tech Tools to Keep the Peace While Co-Parenting

4 Tech Tools to Keep the Peace While Co-Parenting

Co-parenting requires you to partner with your ex in the best interest of the children you share. This might be just a little bit more complicated than you think.

These helpful co-parenting apps will smooth some rocky terrain involved in the process.  We like these for parents sharing the parenting responsibilities. Make your weekend start more peacefully.

App 1 – Support Pay

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Support Pay‘s tagline says it all: Never talk to your ex about money again. This first-of-its-kind platform automates child support payments. This platform offers an unlimited history of all payments made by both parents. It tracks expenditures and tells who owes what, because who wants to start that conversation? Features we love include:

  • Child Support Payment – You schedule the amount and the payment date. Support Pay handles the rest automatically.
  • Expenses & Payments – Enter expenses per child, and the platform calculates who owes what based on settings you create. This allows co-parents to enter expenses, track who has paid for what, and calculates what one owes the other. No discussion necessary. (I don’t know about you, but that alone is worth it!)
  • Documents – Both parents can upload documents related to expenses, such as receipts or other proof of payment.
  • Case Management – Information from your Support Order can be entered and stored securely with the necessary documentation, should you need it. Transparency is encouraged. The paying parent is able to send funds securely through PayPal, which is easily tracked and secure, while the spending parent documents where funds are going, demonstrating how expensive raising kids really is if there’s ever a question.
  • Control – While both parents can access information, you control how much or how little information is shared with the other parent.
  • Disputes – The app also allows for disputed expenses to be flagged. This way, the solution occurs within the data and documentation recorded instead of on the front porch when one drops off the kids.
  • Cost – Support Pay Premium is free for the first 30 days. If it works for you, pay a small subscription for unlimited use.


App 2 – Kidganizer

Kidganizer is a lifesaver for those who struggle to get on the same organizational page. It’s four components include:

  • Shared Custody Management – Parents include their custody agreement details into the app, and each receives immediate access. This saves parents the time it would usually take to send an email, text, or make that phone call. All detailed information entered is saved on the app. making scheduling catastrophes and miscommunication of details a thing of the past.
  • Expense Management – Enter expenses on the app with pictures receipts if required. Documentation is right there in the event you need it. Each parent can view all expense items by child. This helps avoid surprises when it comes time to discuss settling up for the month.
  • Family Management – Grandparents or other caregivers can also have access to profiles you build for the kids.   Everything is saved one convenient location, including notes about assignments or items that are necessary for each item or task. 
  • Alerts – Alerts remind parents about upcoming dates or appointments. If details of an entry change, other interested parties receive mobile alerts to let them know.
  • Cost – This app is available in the Apple Store for $1.99.


App 3 – Custody Junction

Custody Junction assists divorced parents in the complex organization and scheduling required when parents live in different homes. The app tracks three categories including schedule, tracking of different metrics, and a report generator. 

  • Schedule – This features a scheduler for time and payments through a calendar interface. One major difference between Custody Junction and the others is the option to keep some information private. Add events to remember, like holidays, birthdays, or custody visits. Color-coded entries are easy to reference and automate email alerts. The calendar viewing options may be changed based on your viewing preference–daily, weekly, or monthly.
  • Track – The tracking center allows parents to track events, expenses, and support payments. All entries tracked are dated at the time it is entered and additionally when the entry is updated. Keep a record here of verbal agreements between parents including notes or other pertinent information you might want to keep for later reference.
  • Report – This aspect of the app allows parents to generate reports and statistics. Even if you think you’ll never need them, reports cut to the chase when it comes to custody hearings or maintenance deliberations. All necessary information can be collected and organized in one place.
  • Pricing – The app offers a 30-day free trial period. Following the free trial, subscribe for $47 for a one-year subscription.

App 4 – Coparently

Coparently organizes busy schedules for co-parenting children without miscommunication. 

The app offers a custody calendar, communication tool, expense tracker, contact log, and space to record costs. 

  • Custody Calendar – Parents can easily view the calendar showing whose day is whose and their child’s scheduled activities. The color-coded calendar is extremely functional.
  • Co-parent Communicator – The secure messaging center allows parents to communicate with authorized users.
  • Expenses – Track expenses and log them as yours, mine, or ours.
  • Contacts – Organize all contacts with contact information together in one spot.
  • Cost – Co-parenting offers a 30-day free trial after which you can select a subscription option. Monthly subscriptions are available $9.99 per month or enjoy the price break at $99 for a year (per parent).

Dealing in facts and keeping the focus on actions to support the kids will have you will on your way to a healthy co-parenting partnership.


In our research on this topic, we found many helpful articles, posts, and blogs . Check out Coparents, Wevorce, and Mashable.

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