The Benefits Of Online Coaching After Divorce

The Benefits Of Online Coaching After Divorce

I’ve always loved growing up in a small town.

Maybe it’s just me, but there was something inherently comforting in the fact that I

could practically recognize everyone, if not by name, then by face.

After my husband and I finalized our divorce though, I started to realize exactly how small our home town really was and how desperate the residents were for fresh gossip.

I pride myself on my ability to keep a calm demeanor even at the worst of times. My thoughts were my own, and I did a damn good job of keeping my emotions in check… but that didn’t stop the talk from spreading like wildfire when my ex packed up his bags bound for California with his very pregnant girlfriend in the passenger seat of his car.

I remember standing in line with a bottle of dry white wine I needed for a recipe and somehow it got back to my friends and family that I was on a depressed drinking binge. It was shortly after that I realized how truly alone I was despite how many people I seemingly knew.

It’s hard wanting to reach out to someone when you’re at your most vulnerable, not knowing who you can trust with information that’s hard to admit to anyone, yourself included which is why I started researching options for online therapy sessions.

While I’m all for any kind of help after something as life altering as divorce, I strongly recommend at least researching your options online. Whether you live in a small town yourself and want to avoid possibly running into someone you know or if you’re ready for help but don’t want to sit in a stranger’s office, this might be the option for you.

For me, it was an escape from people who acted like they knew more about me than I knew about myself based on information they’d collected secondhand. Having a safe, uninterrupted therapy session in the comfort of my own home on my schedule with someone that genuinely seemed to care about my situation without having preconceived notions about me was one of the most freeing experiences of my life.

I know that nothing I say is going to change how some people in my home town are going to view how I’m handling my divorce, but from my end I’ve been able to reach out when I need to and forge my own recovery.

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