The 21 day Ex-Boyfriend Cleanse

The 21 day Ex-Boyfriend Cleanse

The creation of this book was pretty seamless & came from a place of necessity. I sat with my friend & watched her heart slowly breaking after he pulled away. I remembered what I felt when I was in that space & all I wanted to do was help. So I started writing. An activity or reflection every single day for 21 Days. They say that’s how long it takes to break a habit right? Well how long does it take to mend a broken heart? We were on the road to figuring it out…

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The 21 Day Ex-Boyfriend Cleanse is your guide to moving on from a broken heart. Day by day, you are given practical tools that allow you to process the emotional changes taking place during your breakup. Through questions, tasks, & activities, you are able to move through such a tough time in a healthy manner. You are also given a daily journal page to process what I like to call “verbal vomit.” ;) You will learn how to accept that you have a purpose in life outside of the relationship and how to push further into it…with a little bit of humor along the way. Starting with day 1, allow this Cleanse to help you take back control of your heart & move the heck on with your life!




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Aba Arthur is a poet, dessert enthusiast, & classically trained actress. She has a passion for creating entertainment with empathy. Though she is no relationship expert, she has a countless number of break-ups to draw from. Don’t worry not just her own…also those from her friends and loved ones who have since crowned her “The Break-up Cleanser.” Okay, no she just made that up but it sounds good so she’s going to keep it. She created The 21 Day Ex- Boyfriend Cleanse when going through yet another friends’ time of heartbreak with her and realized that it worked! After examining the freedom from cleansing from a romantic relationship, she continued The Break Up Series to encompass numerous ways in which one can be released from a situation to become the best version of themselves. Aba enjoys long walks on the beach & cliches, which is why she & her Husband currently reside in Los Angeles, CA. She hopes, wishes, and prays that you will find success through The Break Up Series and ultimately find a place where your heart is cherished and happy… ;) Visit here:

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  1. Ramona
    September 15, 20:08 Reply
    This is sweet! I've seen a cleanse for just about everything now but I admit this is more of the most interesting ones I've come across. I hope that no time in the future I need to be on a 21 day Boyfriend Cleanse but if so I know where to come hehe. Bookmarked, and thanks for sharing this.
    • Aba
      November 12, 20:36 Reply
      Thanks so much for your comment Ramona! Feel free to point anyone in need right in this direction ;)
  2. Lily
    November 11, 13:50 Reply
    That's a brillaint idea to write a book about recovering after break up, which is always upsetting. Usually people just write articles about it, but they don't say anything new, so I hope in this book you've added all good and useful information :)) I really believe, that I won't need it in my life, but who knows... :))
    • Aba
      November 12, 20:38 Reply
      I definitely tried to add the extra good stuff! As well as the hard stuff that we don't always want to talk about...eek. Thank you so much for the compliment, & contact me if you or a friend ever need.

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