The Empty Yes-ter

The Empty Yes-ter

I can see the finish line. It feels so close. One last push to the tape.

Before you ask, no, I am not nearing “that” end. I do not have a trumpet up to my ear although I’ve been told I need one (what did you say?). This finish line refers to the last child, and my desire to finally join my own frat house—finally ring that freedom bell.

Early Responsibilities

I had my frat pledge at 20. Well I was in college and that was my first son. I pledged be a responsible parent. What can I say? Pledging was hard, and I do not think I was that great a parent or that responsible in my early years. Two decades on, I’m preparing for my final baby bird to leave the nest.

The New Empty Nester

Silence is golden, and well, also silent. I have always loved the noise of kids and teens. Whereas the running, slamming of doors, and volume of kids can drive many up the wall, for me it just was the sound of a happy moving and growing home. When my kids were away, the silence was deafening. I literally cannot sleep in an empty house. Whereas calming waterfall noises help many drift off to sleep, the clanging and banging of a haunted house probably is more my style. Yes, I already mentioned my hearing is going… but I have always felt that the passions and noise of teenagers‘ lives is something magical and a joy to be around as their energy is contagious.

I am looking forward to being a little selfish with my time and a little less responsible. I do not yet have mid-life crisis scheduled on my calendar, but there is definitely room late summer/early fall.

Why all this matters -Dreams, Aspirations and Goals

I felt like writing this today as I have a brave and optimistic face on that I will be able to sleep in an empty home. I am also writing to encourage those who are going through or have recently divorced. Eight years ago I felt desperate and alone. I did not know what tomorrow would bring, or how I would get my kids to and through school. Since then, I have learned so much, made so many packed lunches, learned to cook some edible things, had two of my three become vegan, so learned to cook some more things, but most of all to LOVE and laugh through adversity. I have learned that the sun really does come up again and that it’s OK to get out of bed, that I will meet new positive people and learn to love and trust again.

Reliving my youth

The reality is no matter the change for good, my heart and soul misses them all already.

Nope. Thank you very much. I do not feel like I missed anything or would change anything because I’m excited about who I have become and the places still to go. I hear a lot of people talk about “wasted years.” To me none are wasted other than those in your future. When change comes look forward to trying positive new things, return to the dreams and aspirations of your youth. Of course there are financial responsibilities of our adulthood and retirement, but don’t let them be excuses not to make steps towards your goals.

Movin On,

Thom, My Gamma Pyjama, Frat President

And to keep you busy little bee and out of trouble… start a new hobby.
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