The High’s, Low’s and Roles…

The High’s, Low’s and Roles…

Thom’s Travels- Spring Break Edition, Part 2

This years Spring Break trip had a lot of special significance.

We returned to the place where my daughter first learned to ski at age 6. In just a decade she has gone from me helping her keep her ski “pizzas” to me, just trying to keep up. As I watched her gracefully traverse Double Blacks , and wait patiently as my skis make it to the bottom before I did was priceless. In a week, she passed her driving test, and now passed my ski abilities. Grrrr.

Reflecting on my kids “moving on” made me think of my eldest leaving for college. I remember watching him drive to the end of the street, and off to start a new independent life, thinking, how his world was getting bigger, and that somehow mine just got smaller. The moral of this particular story was that after a semester he was back home… So my shrinking world grew once more with new experiences.

Sometimes we move on, sometimes we don’t.

Sometimes we repeat.

Although I very much dislike divorce, IMO has taught me that there are always silver linings when you are brave enough to seek them out and try new things. The opportunity to reinvest in my children has expanded my Universe. A gift that I would never give up for all the pain I went through ten fold.

So no matter where you are take a breath, count your blessings. Mine are three.

The Highs

I am not a lover of heights, but I am of mountains and views. So leaving the highest lift on the mountain, and hiking to 12,450 feet exhausted might have caused a few choice words, instead it was some of the best family pictures and memories ever. So sometimes pushing on that a little bit more will reveal a world and perspective you have never seen before.

The Lows

Of course there was the occasional tension. My eldest joined our quest at the last minute so we were tight in the car and condo. But these lows only reminded me that my patience has improved. I’ve learned to breath more, redirect, be calm, and just focus on the now. Which is a very short time before everyone is off again on their own adventures.

The Roles

It was interesting to see the three fall easily back into their family roles. With things as simple as my daughter looking at reviews and picking the restaurants each night, my eldest son pulling up the map and directions on his phone, and youngest not stopping for much breath between jokes, singing and pranks on each journey. All that said my role is to be there for and with them. Revisit this decade reunion, not with tears of what was, but with a new sense of excitement watching my children and myself moving on with the exciting next chapter of our lives.

Stay tuned for Part 3 in a 2025 ,

Ten years from now I want to go Back to the same place. Next time I’ll be first down the mountain (with both skis)


p.s. Header shot was taken at a short stop on the way home in Amarillo Texas called “Cadillac Stonehenge” A fun stop with the kids and a can of spray paint.

Reprinted due to a Thom flashback. Original adventure March 2015

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