The Holidays Can Be Lighthearted, Motivating And Inspiring

With careful planning the holiday season can be all that you hope for and more

We’ve all seen the heartwarming movies: the holiday season becomes the focal point where family rifts are healed and dreams

come true. Then there is the soundtrack to Christmas: exhorting you to ‘have yourself a merry little Christmas’ or announcing that ‘all I want for Christmas is you!’. Advertising gives us scenes of happy families gathered around the tree on Christmas morning, adoring parents watching their adorable little ones unwrap their presents.

No wonder then that The Pogues’ ascerbic 1980’s song,‘Fairytale of New York’was voted “the best Christmas song of all time” in a British poll in December 2014.

To explain the track’s popularity Sam Sutton, senior lecturer in music technology at London College of Music told the Independent newspaper, “Perhaps the rousing squabble between the two appeals to Brits because it’s somehow more real and closer to our actual experience of Christmas – a heady and sometimes tense mix of friends, family and booze.”

So how can you make sure that your holidays are upbeat, lighthearted, motivating and informative?

Here are a few tips:

  1. Christmas is not the time to attempt to heal family rifts. Try dealing with them at another time of the year.
  2. Planning is key. Why leave it to the last month to buy all your Christmas presents? Take advantage of sales and online shopping and purchase presents throughout the year
  3. Spend Christmas in an exotic location. Why stay at home? Pack up the family and go somewhere new and different
  4. Help out those less fortunate—perhaps volunteer to help out a Christmas charity; or buy your gifts from a charity catalogue where the proceeds go to a good cause. Or better still send the money that you would have spent on gifts to the charity. Of course you’ll have to get your family to agree but you might be pleasantly surprised
  5. Make gifts rather than buying them. You don’t have to be craft wiz – you could repot a plant into a beautiful pot or make jam. And if you are crafty then even better. Your friends and family will love to receive something special and unique.

There’s no need to buy into the fantasy world of impossibly happy holiday season that movies, songs and the advertising industry put in front of you. Make yours unique.

With a planning and creative thinking your holidays will be upbeat – lighthearted, motivating and informative.

Happy Holidays,


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  1. Jesse Yusufu
    January 12, 15:33 Reply
    I used the holiday to access how far I have gone during the year. I did some self-evaluation and I found out some areas I need to improve upon this year. I have also resolved to be more focued this year.

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