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"Thank you to our guest author. As a single parent, there is not enough time in the day to always make the best dietary decisions for our children. Here is

Owning It.

Recently I've started reading a book called Get Your Shit Together. I'm about half way through and it's absolutely hilarious. I highly recommend reading it. Some very valid points and I'm trying

When Asking for Help is Hard

When I look at the calendar for my week, I approach it as a challenge to be conquered. Everyone will make it to everywhere as on time as possible with

3 Ways to Use Your Attorney During Mediation

There are 3 ways that people would typically use a lawyer in a divorce mediation. Your attorney is with you in the mediation room helping you negotiate as well as

Blessings in Deep Disguise

Sometimes you have to Dive Deep I would say that I'm definitely a glass half full kind of guy, but divorce kicked my ass. Staying positive and cheery through lies

Motivational Monday

A Mind At Peace Is Ready For Action

Self-Care Saturday

Self-care is incredibly important when it comes to mental health. I am a student with two part time jobs, an internship, class work, and three websites to manage. Sometimes I

The “We Space”

The “we space” is what is created when two or more people are in a relationship. A couple has a different energy than each person on his own; a family has a