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Here’s My Story, What’s Yours?

There was a time when I thought my world was crashing in around me. Scott and I were college sweethearts, and we married just a few months after graduation. Like

Tips for Heading Back to School for Single Parents

The smell of newly sharpened pencils is in the air, kids anxiously await class schedules and teacher assignments, and model their back-to-school fashions. It’s time to go back to school!

Children: Damage by Divorce Is Not Mandated — Part 2

Building on the recent blog series called Three Parenting Mistakes Good Parents Make, this article turns to some less known and less discussed parental misconceptions and missteps to be avoided in

Three Simple Words to Help Refocus During a Divorce

Not worth crying over spilt pizza Yesterday, I somehow flipped a pizza upside down in the oven and wasted an hour cleaning the burnt and melted cheese off every part

“Don’t stare at the horizon, move forward before your sun sets”

Get Motivated – “Don’t stare at the horizon, move forward before your sun sets” Thomism No. 71 Going through and living past a divorce is hard. But, You can do

A Cheerful visit to the Island of Loneliness and Despair

“Days turn into weeks, weeks into months since leaving the shores and the one you thought would travel with you on this journey for life. But they are on their

How to Let Insults Roll off Like Water under the Bridge

Have you been insulted by someone you love? It sure hurts. It hurts a lot. In fact, the pain is impossible of being compared or associated with something else. Emotional

How to Reduce the Cost of Divorce

It is not that rare that you hear someone going to the divorce process stating that keeping the relationship is much cheaper that going through the whole legal process. Divorce