The Love & Hate of Back to School

The Love & Hate of Back to School

There were no tears this year and for the first time in probably fifteen years… no first day of school picture.

Just a Tree.

Just a Tree.

Instead I  just took one of the tree that all three of my kids have stood in front of for years in a panic to not be late.

This year I have a 10th and 12th grader that have to be up at 6am and out the door in thirty minutes lunches in hand to make it in time for their sports activity. So, as with all traditions that must come to an end and promises of pictures after school that did not happen, we started a new school year.


There is a simple flow and routine that returns with the new school year. I’m sure everyone has seen the social media explosion of parents excitement and wine drinking the day the kids are dropped off. As crazy as the schedule becomes, there is still a peace in knowing where your kids are and what they have coming up. The wild roaming days of summer are at an end. Your fingers are rested from texting “where are you” and bitten nails start to regrow. For many previous years this has been the release. No more staying up until 2am as the eternal summer sleep overs add baggage to your eyes. Yes, school routine sees the return or more restful night’s sleep.


I’m not much of a “hater” but this year did come with some bitterness in the form of my daughter entering her final High School year. The torture her brother must suffer alone next year in front of that tree will be in double helping. The school year and grade system is a harsh reminder of how time seems to speed up as you get older. The Kindergarten years were measured in a million pictures and videos, whereas the High School years are done in a single click of a camera. So that’s my hate. Time. I do wish my kids grew slower (most days… not all) and the summers were longer and fuller. But time has its way and we must let it pass, so take more pictures while you can.


How was your first day back?

Mine was also a record for only one frantic trip of forgotten cheer shoes, in comparison to a previous years record of seven… Send your comments or story. I would love to hear from you.

With Only Love,




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