Wardrobe Update, Men’s Edition!

Wardrobe Update, Men’s Edition!

Looking for a new look? It doesn’t matter if it is a divorce or another thing. New job? – New clothes. New school? – New clothes! You are finding yourself – Check

your wardrobe!

Let’s  start with your own closet first (before running to the mall), by taking out the oldest clothes, the ones you resent and the items that could remind you of your now ex partner. Maybe the shirt she bought for you or those items you bought because of her!

I recommend looking through magazines first, decide where you want your look to be, and clip all the things you like. Re-examine your current look and what you already have. Pull out pieces that could be applied to the updated look and work from there. This will save you a lot of money!

– Update your pants first. They should always be slimming, and no matter how wide they are, they never, never should make you look bigger than you are. Even though they are the trendsetters now, skinny pants aren’t designed to fit everyone perfectly. So if you want to walk the walk, make sure they don’t make you look, umm, let’s say unusual.
– If not now, when? Blast your wardrobe with colours. What a better way to feel new and refreshed than splashing yourself with the splender of colours? Find all those dull clothes and add pops of pizazz here and there. You never know what wonders this will do for you… Even if it’s winter. I just don’t recommend the white pants.. quite yet.

– Get a couple of new button down shirts. You will be doing new things and it’s always easier to have these as back up instead of rushing to the store 10 minutes before being somewhere. Plan ahead! They also make nice layers over tee shirts if you find yourself doing something a little bit nicer than usual.

– The right suit. You don’t know what your new adventure holds… Just make sure the suit fits you well, and it doesn’t have to be combined strictly with one shirt! You can rock the more casual look by changing a button down shirt with a T-shirt, and you could also get some sneakers, maybe converse? If not a fan of this look, you could get the three piece suit (that somehow has climbed back it’s way on the charts). Want to know how to pull it off? GQ gives some great advice here.

– Get a cool new pair of kicks – Being a female myself… A new pair of shoes always feels great. Whether for running, summer or going out. I’m sure it’s not much different for men. Go ahead and get those sneakers that are cool enough to wear out after you workout at the gym.

Just remember, there’s ony one thing worse than not buying new clothes, and that is buying new clothes that are like your old ones.

Also, something to keep in mind when updating your look is…… Anyone can wear anything, but not everyone should wear everything.


Have fun working with your wardrobe! Post your results below in the comment box!

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  1. Thom Slade
    April 26, 19:25 Reply
    Love it. Thanks for your thoughts. OK. from my world, if i start cutting pictures out of guys pants and outfits my kids might think im stranger than I am... Can you just tell me what to do? Are there brands and colors in jeans you suggest for summer. Point me in the right direction, with a pair of jeans shirt and shoes for the summer... Maybe a link.... :-) Help required... Thom
    • Aundie Donohue
      April 30, 16:21 Reply
      Hello Thom! With Jeans I always recommend sticking to Dark jeans for work or for a nice night out on the town, Light wash for casual outings and medium wash can go both ways! Always say no to skinny jeans unless you are 5"10 and a stick. You can never go wrong with Levis... My toddler even loves them. Here's a look for hanging out with your friends, going to kids events and having meetings at Starbucks this summer: http://www.splendid.com/Printed_Stripe_Crew_Tee/pd/np/133/p/10253.html http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/7-for-all-mankind-straight-luxe-performance-modern-straight-leg-jeans-triumph/3982223?origin=category-personalizedsort&contextualcategoryid=0&fashionColor=&resultback=5480 https://www.jcrew.com/mens_category/shoes/sneakers/PRDOVR~17554/17554.jsp?color_name=nickel

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