The Secrets To Moving On

The Secrets To Moving On

We all have been at a place where we feel paralyzed. We can’t move. We hyperventilate and feel like we are going to faint. Losing confidence is part of life and if you have not you might be a liar or were weaned on some magic medication. There seems to be a wall so high and big that you can never scale it.

  • Going on a date for the first time after you got dumped
  • Agreeing to share your story
  • Going out to interview for a job that is now a necessity.
  • Going to court to change your name
  • Going to a school function where you know your ex will be

You might be speaking to your therapist who is helping you rethink your new situation and helping you see yourself as a new person. You might have read 27 books on remaking, re-inventing and moving on. That is a waste of time if you can’t manage the secret to Moving On.

There is a secret to taking those first steps into a new life. It is huge. This secret was researched by Gallup and tested in the market for validity. Universities have studied it and tested it in major labs. Einstein was a great proponent of it. Donald Trump and Bill Gates speak about it. If you have not attempted it you are weak kneed and need to interview for the next season of Naked and Afraid.

I know I am annoying you. I know I am frustrating you. I am sure you want to grab me by the throat and apply significant pressure to make me tell you. I am three minutes from being water boarded and giving up the secret….so here it is.

Are you ready? How desperate are you to know what it is? How much will you pay for the formula that will change your life and make you move into taking control? Ok here we go. On your marks. Get set.

Take one step. Move your foot forward. Take your first step. Walk into the room. Make that call. Fulfill the Nike tag line. JUST DO IT!!!!

Once you do, the next step will follow. Take two steps and move faster. Start to jog, then quicker and then run. It all comes down to that first step and just doing it.

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  1. Thom Slade
    September 16, 20:58 Reply
    You are Hilarious! My Baby-steps need to move up to "one large step for man kind" But appreciated and a reminder how small things can lead to exciting new journeys. Thom
  2. Andrea
    September 18, 21:53 Reply
    I have to identify with the word "paralyzed." Sometimes I'm afraid to do something, and also afraid not to! But this goes beyond my experience of losing the love of my life, it is also a symptom of many serious problems that people have in life. I think for most people though, losing a beloved really throws you into a worse place than you ever thought you'd be. I know for myself, I could not stop crying - I would even cry when I was asleep. Personally, I found some relief in skydiving. It wasn't that I was trying to kill myself (far from it - I knew they weren't putting people into the ground or they wouldn't be in business)! It was just that it took something that focused all attention away from the Big D. And it was much more effective than golfing or work. Good advice. Just take a tiny step. If you can move it up to "one large step for mankind," all the better, but for most of us, we just need to do one thing at a time to get out of the mess, and time takes care of a lot of the rest of it. :)
  3. Kendall O
    February 23, 13:30 Reply
    So true! And sometimes after we feel like we can’t move, we need a bit of harsh words and a little (or big) push to just take the first step. Without it, we can’t begin to reconnect with our own self.
  4. Jen
    February 25, 10:19 Reply
    Sometimes it seems we're paralyzed and we don't realize it. It can be hard to move out of a slump but we need to do it in order to be better people. Motivation can be the best kick in the rear anyone can get.
  5. Tracey
    March 28, 22:15 Reply
    This article had some profound advice! You're right, you just gotta make one baby step after another, even if it seems like you'll never be able to move on. You just have to believe that one day, that person who used to be your whole world will basically be a stranger to you.

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