The Walking Dead(Tired)

The Walking Dead(Tired)

The Walking Dead(Tired)

The Professor of MovingOn

Combining one of my favorite series with Back to School was just poor planning, but did help me empathize and associate with the undead…

This may be one of the most unusual back to school posts ever written. But we are on a mission to help those in the world that may feel that they are stuck with undead relationship.


Every year, we plan. New first day of school clothes, shoes, the endless school supplies, and sports equipment. We prepare the pack lunches and schedules. All is good.

Then the dawn, and there are still projects manically being completed. My daughter somehow survived making cheer signs until 1.30am, and still got up for cross country practice at 6am… And of course as parents we stay up. Maybe out of the way, but until the last is settled, we are awake and join the ranks the following day of the Walking Dead-Tired.

My single parent pearl of wisdom this year? I took two days off work to recover from summer and prepare for the inevitable first couple of days of school of forgotten  lunches, homework and football pads. Sounds like a strange use of vacation. But I have to say it has worked out great. Less stress and just being there for my two high schoolers.

If you don’t have this flexibility my advice is to take a breath. The exhaustion will pass back to the pre-summer rhythm soon enough.

The alternative might be to fight that “Dead-Tired” feeling like a lady I met at the coffee shop on the first morning. Her answer was to order a coffee with FIVE shots of espresso and comment on my upbeat mood. If the coffee or the positive attitude doesn’t work, here are some things to survive your first week.

  • The un-Dead – Beware of grumpy over tired kids the first week. Keep it simple and stress free. Also try and get to bed early the rest of the week.
  • “Brains” – Feed those brains – Have dinner ready early so they eat healthy and keep away from the junk snacks post school. But also spoil a little. In their world, there’s  a lot of over stimulation, excitement and stress. So a post school or homework ice cream run can help cool their brains.
  • Survival and Adapting to your New Environment – If you work from home, use the new peace to get creative with your work and time. Schedule in time to get some exercise and work out that stress. Also with that new routine start to plan some time for yourself. Maybe take an online class and learn a new skill while the kids are doing the homework. (check out and take a course in just about anything)

How did your first day of school go? Have a great story, add it into comments.

Keep ahead and Stay Alive,


PS. I promise this will be my last reference to The Walking Dead. But I was intrigued by the new Series “Fear the Walking Dead” and its story base of a mixed marriage family and bringing up your partners children. What did you think? Would you enter a crack den armed with only a flash light to look for your partners late teen child with drug issues? Maybe if your Rick Grimes but an English Teacher?… Thoughts?

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  1. Aundie Donohue
    August 25, 20:05 Reply
    Thanks for the advice Thom. Back to school is tough indeed... Even if it's pre-k. If you or the zombies have any advice on what to do when your toddler doesn't like that mandarin oranges are not the same as mandarin lessons, then please throw it my way.
    • Thom Slade
      August 25, 23:04 Reply
      1. Id stick to the mandarin oranges in pre-k... 2. Im kidding 3. Again. Relax and breath. Your in for the long hall and its the first or 12 more grades. He'll do great as long as you do! Thom
  2. janice2
    August 26, 21:16 Reply
    Fear The Walking Dead has a lot of problems, but I think it could still be saved. This is a good analogy. I was lucky to have a great stay at home mom who got up early every morning to get us off to school. It wasn't always easy, but she did it. Sometimes she looked like The Walking Dead, but we were always well put together.
    • Thom Slade
      August 26, 22:14 Reply
      Thanks Janice... I'm not giving up on it yet. Thom
  3. Madison Knox
    September 16, 21:21 Reply
    I think staying away from electronics at night helps to calm the mind! I don't look at my phone past 8pm and I sleep so good.

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