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“Healing for the broken hearted. A map, guide and community to move on positively/fantastically in life with a healthy beaming smile”

Thom is the originator and alter-ego of ivemovedon.com. Divorce Survivor, Single Parent, and now moving on to new adventures in Life. Follow his journey here every week, or on Instagram and Facebook.

Thom’s Story

In a faraway place, what seems like a long time ago…
…started the life of Thom.

From a small village in the North of England came, by chance, the opportunity to be an exchange student in America. Thom fell in love, and in the passion of the first year of school they created the most amazing thing, a beautiful son.

Sounds like a fairytale beginning, but unfortunately as with most fairytales it comes with many trials and tribulations and an evil witch (just kidding ;). But as Thom says, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade or the occasional margarita…”

After four years of exciting growth together came the big surprise. On the eve of Father’s Day, he found out that she was having an affair.

“There is nothing more painful, sad and home-wrecking than your partner lying and leaving for someone else.”

During the following nine months as a single parent, Thom found the deepest lows, but also the highest peaks. Finding faith in a God he never knew, and a peace that sustained. That peace and personal growth helped spark an unusual change of events when his wife returned, he forgave her, and then they moved forward…

…And it worked.

Happy, successful and the addition of two more children, everything was perfect. Then, thirteen years later she had another affair, which turned out to be one of many. Through the heart-crushing, family-destroying divorce process he learned to grow again, and try new things and eventually find himself.

Thom lives happily today with his three children and his relationship to his ex-wife improves each year.

There is so much more to this story of tears, anger, pain, and resentment. Working and growing through this process and learning to forgive gave birth to the idea of ivemovedon.com

To help those who feel lost, and alone.

For family and friends to have a place where they can share their stories and lives, in a safe community.

Together we can learn to move on in a new and positive manner, with a clear, heart, and conscience.

To renew ourselves for the next exciting stage in life.

Happier and more whole. Ready for whatever love, excitement and happiness comes our way.

“We will not repeat the story, but move on to a beautiful new and exciting one.”

Join the journey. And let’s help each other along the way.

IMO is an online community bound together by a shared belief in a higher quality of experience in love, life and well-being. We regularly engage in constructive dialogue along these lines and eagerly invite others to take part. Feel free to explore or join IMO.