Thom’s Travels- Spring Break Edition, Part 1

Thom’s Travels- Spring Break Edition, Part 1

Last week I mentioned a couple of my favorites when it comes to Spring Break and Skiing.

Road Trip Wilderness

Road Trip Wilderness

One that would have definitely NOT made the list would be the road trip. But with as with life, things change, and new experiences can bring about positive changes.

If you would have asked last week, my suggestion on saving a lot of money and still enjoying the snow, would be to drive to the mountains if feasible. Past trips were made easier with two drivers, but in today’s movedon phase we work with what we have. To skip the brother/sister poking battle I usually like to set off on a 14 hour driving torture as early as possible. Getting to bed early and setting off at 2am not only beats the traffic, but also keeps the car peace at bay. Having done this more than a dozen times I know it works, and your little ones wake up to interesting scenery. For those reading around the world, it takes ten hours to just escape Texas when heading west…

This year was different. We had skipped our tradition last year and really missed it. This year was a challenge. I had to fly in late from a two day conference, wake up and take my daughter , for a driving test (she passed!!! :-)  ) and we hit the road at 10am.

So here is the difference…. I have to say that over the last year I have seen my 14, 16 and 21 grow and are more independent. But it was not 30 mins in the car (already in traffic) that I hear my son and daughter talking. Really talking and both laughing… This continued for the entire journey. And when they did nap, I realized how much I had seen them, just being together and hanging out as brother and sister. It was cool and worth every gallon of gas, even at the old prices.

I am thankful for my children in so many ways, and helping me be a better version of me.


I’ll update on the trip home…. and the rest of the week.

Thoms Tip – Altitude Sickness. My kids have always suffered from headaches and sickness the first few days of being in the mountains. This years hook up from an old mountain man “ChlorOxygen” and it works. No sickness and we all feel great. You can find it at “Wholefoods”, and of course it is made from English stinging nettles…

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See you there.



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  1. AnnAbbitz
    March 14, 13:27 Reply
    Such a beautiful and melancholy post for me to read! I have older children as well, and sometimes I just think of all the times that we take for granted - as parents - when they are little. Oftentimes, it's when we're looking into their eyes, realizing they're really growing up, and being taken aback at how quickly the time has gone by that we recall all of the cute moments that we've lived through with them! I love the idea of a road trip. Get everyone together in the car & head out on an adventure before it's too late to do either.

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