Time to Ditch the Waterwings – Apartment Living After Divorce

Time to Ditch the Waterwings – Apartment Living After Divorce

Is your pool half full or half empty?

We can all agree that divorce sucks. No one wants to be here or go through this awful transition. But if you are here the one thing you can control is your attitude. Keeping it positive will help all those around you including your children extended family and even the ex! Why do you care especially about “that” person? Because extra drama, sarcasm and negativity will only drag it out longer and ending up costing you more.  So this weekend, as you are considering your change, remain positive. A part of which can be the opportunity to change your environment.  Having to leave or sell your home can be heartbreaking. To some it is escaping the past. But before making a major move or looking at investing a new home, especially if you are unsure on where you need to be for yourself, your kids, or your work, spend some time looking at apartments in your area.

Ditch the waterwings

After 17 years of marriage, I had definitely lost my “mojo”…  Now your “mojo” is not required for finding another partner (yes it is.. but later), but you do need it to look outside your front door again and have the courage to expand your social circle and meet new people.  Apartments are great places to do this. Buying another home, will keep you inside your walls and inside your circle. Spending 6 months in an apartment as you transition should not be seen as a prison term, but as an extra long vacation! Go hang at the pool and have fun with your kids whilst someone else has to clean it!

As we are being glass half full, we do have to feel for our northern neighbors for whom a plunge in the pool nine months out of the year could mean hypothermia. But you get my drift. Look at the additional opportunities each apartment location might bring to help you to “ditch your waterwings” and try something new. It might be a great location close to restaurants, have a great gym or coffee shop that can open your world to meet new people.

Check out the deep end

This is not a call to swim with sharks but you do need to get outside your comfort zone. Staying with the same group of friends and family as when you were married might not a negative, but a fresh start and opening up the opportunity to expand your circle of friends will help you move on positively.

So, Relax, Try Something New, Meet New People & Stay Away from Negative Sharks.

Check out your new in-town vacation spot at www.ForRent.com.

They can help you find the perfect apartment in your area.

Don’t forget the sunscreen,



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