Wanted – Hug (creepy need not apply)

Wanted – Hug (creepy need not apply)

Need a Hug?

Need a Hug?

Remember when you could pick your kids up and claim that hug anytime you needed one?

Awesome. Not so awesome when you need one and they are your same height and weight and smell like the gym. Or it’s your teenage daughter and you could loose an eye.

Kidding aside I am very blessed to have awesome kids. They are all so unique in how they handle themselves and their relationships. They are excellent communicators and have great big beautiful hearts.

But as “born again” Singles… sometimes an adult of your preferred sex would be the desired hug. If your like me, your times not all your own. Between work, and raising kids there is not a lot of time to invest in someone else if those are the choices you make. Loosing 50% of your management team means picking up a second parenting shift.

So decisions have to be made on your precious free time. Want to work out, hang out with fiends invest in dating site? Find peace in your choices. I believe your best investment is your kids. Helping them become happy, confident, independent individuals will leave you plenty of date time in a few years.

Cant wait for that hug? Here are three great options:

These give great hugs, too.

  1. Get involved with your church or charity. Meet people, give back and who knows who you’ll meet
  2. Get online – lots of sites that you can at least look at your future partner. Set the timing on your timetable. If you can only meet ever third Saturday, choose that time to get out there and make new friends.
  3. Get Alone – Save on the risk of emotional heart ache and get hugs on your time frame… Get a hug buddy. Or if you have a friend with heart ache send them one…


P.S. – Whilst researching this important subject, I came across some life changing books…

Watch Out

1.  Absolute favorite…  As I guess I’m a kid at heart, and you can share with your kids.”Hug Machine

” by Scott Campbell, although I might not suggest your kids have snakes and fire hydrants on their hug lists

2. Sesame Street :Sesame Street Grouchy Hugs! (Hugs Book)

” Who knew? but might help with your teens…

3. The Hug Therapy Book

-By Kathleen Keating

4. And of course only chosen as its author is a World renowned kissing coach (who new there was such a thing, and that it is renowned) “The Art of Hugging: A Heartwarming Guide to Everyone’s Favorite Gesture of Love

” by William Cane

Enjoy. I think.


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  1. Madison Knox
    September 16, 21:10 Reply
    Getting out is really important I think! Especially to meet new people and get around some new faces.

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