Ways To Cut Legal Fees During Divorce

Ways To Cut Legal Fees During Divorce

Divorce or dissolution of marriage can be an expensive process. The emotional, familial and psychological impacts are hard

enough to endure and the financial burden can make the aftermath quite daunting. It is necessary for anyone to look for ways to cut legal fees in a divorce. In worst cases, the legal fees can pile up to a few thousand and more. Then there’s the splitting of assets which will have further financial fallout.

Here are some ways to cut legal fees in a divorce.

  • Have an amicable approach. There are certain standard or rather nonnegotiable fees that you would have to pay. The documents, filing them, the court fees and such minor expenses are unavoidable. These wouldn’t hit your wallet as they add up to just a few hundred dollars. The legal fees surge when there is no agreement or mutually agreeable scenario. When spouses decide against an amicable settlement where both agree to part ways quietly and with mutually agreed upon sharing of assets, the fees for lawyers who would be arguing in favor and against of the respective parties can be done away with. A couple should simply make a list and jot down who is willing to give away what and what each spouse gets. This is the best way to cut legal fees in a divorce.
  • Unfortunately, divorce is not a pleasant process in every case. If the relationship has soured substantially and neither party is willing to concede anything then the legal process is painstakingly long drawn and complicated. You would need a lawyer, who would have a certain charge, there could be additional legal fees as different assets get valued, independent people get involved in the sorting of the assets and the case goes to court where it could be closed in just a few sessions or it could take months. One of the ways to cut legal fees in a divorce that goes to court and runs on for weeks or months is to hire a lawyer who would have a fixed charge. Indefinite divorce cases can be very expensive should the lawyer charge by the hour or by the appearances in court.

One of the most effective ways to cut legal fees in a divorce is to have a lawyer who would facilitate the legal requisites and it would be the spouses that would work on every aspect of the divorce, from child custody to alimony and everything else. If both parties agree, then the court will never intervene with its own diktats.

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