We Need Each Other

We Need Each Other

“People coming together as a community can make things happen.” -Jacob Rees-Mogg

Why We Need Each Other

The saying “no man is an island” rings true in every facet of our lives. When we encounter life’s tough times, it can be tempting to withdraw into seclusion, but this will only make matters worse. The times that we’re hurting and we are our most vulnerable is when we really need community the most.

Why I need You

Oftentimes it can be hard to reach out and ask for help in life. Many people can seem uncaring and rude, but finding a social group that can love and care for you is incredibly necessary. Here are a few great reasons why we all need other people in our lives.

  1. Learn from those wiser than you.

There is always someone in the world that has experienced something similar to whatever you are going through. Life often seems quite overwhelming, especially for people that are undergoing a divorce. Take this time to find someone you trust that has been through a divorce too. Sharing your feelings and emotions at this poignant time in your life will make everything much more bearable.

  1. Others will push you further than you will push yourself.

When we deal with life’s difficulties on our own, fighting to succeed can easily feel pointless. When we tackle tough times by ourselves, giving up can seem like the only option, but when we have a strong support system, we find the encouragement to push through.

  1. Working with others will inspire you.

Having a group of people that have all lived varied experiences will offer you a new perspective on your life and your own situation. Especially in the case of a lost relationship, its hard to see anything from any other perspective. When we take the time to listen to the stories of others, we can often see our own life through new eyes. This kind of inspiration will lead to more motivation.

  1. A trusted support group provides accountability.

Having others hold you accountable is an important step in the healing process. Finding one or a few people to check in on you and see if you have met your goals will really push you to take care of things that you may be struggling with. While having this level of intimacy with another person isn’t easy, it’s a great way to start getting better.

You don’t have to do life on your own. Never underestimate the positive change a friend can make in your life.


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