We want you!

We want you!

To share your voice, experience and humor with more than One million readers of Ivemovedon.com

What We’re Looking For:

We’d like to be able to share a wider range of each other’s experiences during and beyond break up. Life has a funny way of presenting us with many personal ups and downs that—in the moment—may not seem beneficial to our life experience, but through greater perspective and wisdom reveal tremendous opportunities for personal growth.

Since we’re all connected through this universal experience called life, why not share our stories? Here’s your chance to be heard, share some lessons, or release some of that pent-up creative energy that we’ve all got going for us. Our experiences are not only valuable to us as individuals, but may also offer beneficial insights for others who may be feeling a little bit overwhelmed, frustrated, or otherwise uninspired.

What We’re Not Looking For:

This is a community of optimism, strength, and momentum-building and we’d like to keep it that way. So, if you’d like to submit an article for consideration then we ask that you please make sure that it stay fundamentally constructive in nature. We all appreciate harrowing experiences of adversity, growth and humor. Simillarily though, we also tend to not favor negativity, so let’s keep our contributions as beneficial to one another as possible. If, however, you really are going through something tough and would like help in breaking a pattern of negativity, then send us an email. We’ll see how we can help.

The Good Stuff:

With all of that being said, we’d like to hear from you. To help make things easy, we offer a couple of things to help narrow your focus. The topics for this round of submissions revolve around the months of March and April. Please see the sidebar content for more details. If for some reason these don’t inspire your authorship, then feel free to write whatever you’d like anyway. We’ll see what we can do to include your contribution.

The Great stuff:

Upon approval of your submitted piece you’ll be notified of it’s inclusion. Additionally, your article will be placed in front of several thousand readers, so feel free to add a brief bio if you’d like to take advantage of the spotlight that you’ve created. Or if you’d like to stay low-key, that’s cool too.

We’re looking forward to hearing—and reading—from you guys. Thank you for your participation.


As a writer you can share your stories in several ways:

• Through your member page at IveMovedOn.com

• via email (submissions@ivemovedon.com)

• or anonymously through https://ivemovedon.com/submissions/

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