Weed When It’s Easy: A Word for Emotional Procrastinators

Weed When It’s Easy: A Word for Emotional Procrastinators

Haha. Gotcha. No, this is not a post about mood-altering plants. It’s a post about getting real with your reality.

I know it’s a geriatric hobby, but I have always loved gardening. Mostly I love the results of gardening–fragrant overflowing pots of flowers, cooking with whatever is ready to pick today, and relaxing among something I planned and worked to create that resulted in quiet, simple beauty. Coffee on my porch early on weekend mornings or breezy evenings out back smelling moonflowers, I love the results of digging in and getting my hands dirty.

Nothing beautiful just blooms without some serious work.

I have fought detrimental tomato hornworms, some unknown orange powdery fungus, an Old Testament-like plague of grasshoppers, one serious hail storm, and evil bunnies just to name a few. If you don’t protect your garden and work in it a little bit every day before you know it, the whole thing is slaughtered and you don’t know what even happened. Taking in the destruction, a chameleon of feelings can’t decide if it’s disbelief, unfairness, anger, hurt, frustration, or a broken-hearted kind of loss at what was headed for being one hell of a garden.

Most days, my gardening work simply includes watering and pulling weeds. Tiny weeds. They aren’t an eyesore yet because they are so tiny that I’m the only one who sees them. But if I don’t get down on my hands and knees, with my face close to the ground, I won’t pick the baby weeds out of the soil and they will take over before I know what happened.

They are a pain, weeds.

They are ugly, take up time I’d rather be spending dealing with anything else, and they wreck a garden. They will grow anywhere–sidewalk cracks, pathways, anywhere! The thing with weeds is that they are really easy to pull out by the root when they are tiny, but when I let them go a while, forget it. Have you ever tried to pull a big dandelion out of the ground with it’s root? No? Well, it’s not possible without a gadget you can buy on TV after Judge Judy.

The stuff in our lives and relationships that we don’t intend to grow and really take away from what we want to cultivate are the weeds. When we ignore the little problems or challenges, they grow into big, ugly, difficult to eradicate dandelions. (And dandelions bring friends!) I think about this when I’m weeding my flower beds and garden. The tedious work of dealing with them now means I won’t be dealing with an infestation later. It keeps things clean and simple. Ultimately this labor of love allows me to escape the rushed to do’s of my life and spend a few minutes alone with my thoughts, knowing I’m investing in something beautiful that will grow in the near future. If I don’t care for it, the whole thing will be one big mess of weeds.

What are the weeds in your life and relationships? Get ’em when they’re tiny.

OK, so it’s a post that’s a little bit about mood-altering plants.

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