What you need to consider before fighting over Fido

What you need to consider before fighting over Fido

 "Whose Your Daddy?"

“Whose Your Daddy?”

Conflicts over a pet can be just as important to divorcing spouses as any issue when both spouses have developed a special connection to a companion pet and wish to maintain it.

This feeling can be even greater where the couple has no children, and the dog or cat has taken on the role of the couple’s “child.” But unlike real children, for which extensive case law and statutory measures exist, pets have been largely ignored as a critical concern in a divorce.

You may think of your precious pup pup as your fur child, but in most cases the law would not agree. In the eyes of the law they are really no different than the tea set, the car or the house..

Here’s what to consider before starting a quarrel over your Pup..

Keep your pets best interest in mind.

Some courts are coming around to paying special attention to the furry friends. Judges in both Texas and Alaska have created visitation schedules between former spouses. Some of these judges in fact rely on a “best interest of the pet” system to decide on custody and visitation rights, though it is often tricky without access to the actual desires of the animal.

Would visitations be best for Fido or possibly just complicate your relationship and the relationship of you and your ex?

Fido’s future..

Where will Fido be happiest? During this time it may be difficult to take Fido’s feeling into consideration but this part of the divorce process is about him, after all.

Don’t let Fido become a symbol of power and control. It is in fact all about love at the end of the day to them.

Your IMO Legal Discussion Team

And of course for those strange Cat & Dog Lovers…

French bulldog and grey kitten







Disclaimer – This article is not intended as legal advice but for informational purposes only.

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  1. Thom Slade
    December 10, 23:23 Reply
    An additional thought discussed with the team. As with all transitions, its one thing for adults to deal with it, but let Fido travel with the kids to whatever house they are at. Don't let him become a pawn. You should always work together for whatever is best for the kids. (Plus on your weeks you can "un-house train" the dog for visit to your ex...)
  2. Amy
    December 16, 21:15 Reply
    It's always hard trying to figure out what to do with the pets when you divorce. It's heartbreaking. Ultimately, I usually I try to decide on what will make the pets happiest. But, then again, I'm an animal lover. It's a shame if you don't. I couldn't live with the guilt of feeling they'd landed in a situation where they were not happy. This is why I'm so careful about buying or adopting pets in the first place. They truly are a serious commitment... if you care.

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