When to Divorce Your Divorce Attorney.
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When to Divorce Your Divorce Attorney.

Dear Attorney,

It’s time we had a talk. We need to go our separate ways. You don’t answer my calls, you don’t listen to my needs, you aren’t interested in pursuing a win for me and it seems to always be about you. You don’t care about me and only seem to care about you and your bank account.

If you are going through a divorce or a separation from your significant other, there’s no doubt that this period of time is both stressful and unpleasant. And there’s nothing more stressful than a divorce lawyer that isn’t pulling his or her weight to properly represent you or address your needs.

Not all divorces are equal and you need a divorce lawyer that cares about your situation and can provide the help and guidance to build your case. When your attorney doesn’t seem to be responsive or as helpful as you want him to be, it’s time to move on from them. How do you know when it’s time to dismiss your divorce attorney? Here are a few tips that can help you figure out when it’s time to divorce your divorce lawyer.

Your divorce attorney should act in an ethical manner and abide by the guidelines set by the Rules of Professional Conduct and the professions code for your state. He or she should represent you in a zealous manner and use every legal tactic to build your case and defend your rights.

They should always keep information in full confidence and always give you the ultimate call on any aspect of your case. When you feel as though your lawyer is dodging you, or not keeping you in the loop of your divorce case, it may be time to move on from the attorney in question.

When you feel as though you are helpless and your attorney isn’t responding or working in a manner that’s consistent with your expectations, it’s time to dismiss them and find yourself the right representation for your divorce.

Begin by calculating time and recording interactions between you and your lawyer. This helps you get a baseline of time that your attorney has spent on your case, and provides you with a guideline to base their termination. Because once you send your divorce attorney a letter of dismissal, you will be responsible for the amount of work performed up to that point.

Be clear about your reasons for terminating their employment, and make sure to keep your cool. Ask for a comprehensive document that outlines the amount of time and support provided by your attorney. Do the math yourself so that you make sure you aren’t being robbed or taken advantage of.

If you feel as though your lawyer has conducted themselves unethically, there is always the option of reporting this behavior to the State Bar. Locate the Office of the Chief Trial Counsel in your state and explain your situation, they will be able to assist in locating a new divorce attorney and find closure for your current one.


For the man traveling down the wrong road, it’s never too late to turn around.    -Ancient proverb

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  1. Thom Slade
    September 03, 08:58 Reply
    From my experience, firing a lawyer is not like firing your pool cleaner... As there is a legal contract involved the "ex" lawyer can actually file petition with the court to block a decision until their contractual obligations our met, which can mean paying additional fees for services you did not receive. If you want to fight it, its more legal fees, and additional legal fees and time to finalize your own divorce. So, pick wisely and look for trusted referrals. Remember your lawyer is your legal counsel not your best friend, or psychologists. Thom

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