Why You Shouldn’t Social Media Stalk Your Ex

Why You Shouldn’t Social Media Stalk Your Ex

Okay, I know what you’re thinking. Nine times out of ten when someone starts a conversation with, “A friend of mine…”

It’s pretty obvious that they’re talking about themselves…

Usually it’s to share something without judgment and like most women I’m guilty of using this tactic more often than I’m prepared to admit… but this time I really do have a story to share about one of my closest friends and why you need to avoid making the same mistakes in regard to his soon to be ex-wife.

To serve my purpose, we’ll call him Jason.

Outwardly, Jill and Jason seemed like the idyllic couple. Jason was a great guy who could always find the good in a situation. Jill was great to everyone on the surface but on the other hand seemed like she had been molded from a little piece of Jason that was molded, made female, and given a negative personality.

The truth was that Jill had a problem with always finding the bad in a situation and that bad more often than not came with a laundry list of accusations that were never founded.

To make a long story short, Jason had finally reached his limit and asked for a divorce, but Jill wouldn’t hear of it. They had a child together, a mortgage, bills, and a dog to think about so instead of pushing the issue, my kind hearted best friend stayed with this woman who was doing everything in her power to make his life miserable.

I probably should have mentioned before, but Jill was completely addicted to social media. She couldn’t go a day without checking her phone at least a hundred times and the updates posted were always something cryptic that left everyone on her feed wondering if it was related to them.

A few months pass, Jason and Jill are still living together but they’ve noticeably changed. He moves into the guest bedroom, they become little more than roommates and Jason meets a girl whose sweetness matched his perfectly.

Still unable to convince his wife to give him a clean divorce, he starts to see Emily regularly and makes no effort to hide his marital troubles with the rest of his family and friends all while Jill is slowly losing her mind over the lack of control she has over her life at this point.

She spent every possible minute watching Jason’s Facebook feed, getting angrier and angrier over his happiness that one day she snapped, took a picture of the pair of them walking hand in hand up to her apartment that she had conveniently followed them too so she could post a long, strongly worded post about how terrible of a human being Jason was.

The post painted a picture of a cheating husband who spent little to no time with his family anymore and how she managed to catch him in the act.

This strongly worded post was then replied to by Jason, laying everything bare for her friends and family to see. The truth about their living arrangement, her refusal to divorce him without a promise of doing everything in her power to keep him from his child, and her drunken advances that he had been shooting down for the past 6 months.

What was the point of this story?

Honestly, you can take a lot away from this situation from both sides but what it all comes down to is that Social Media has become something that we practically need to survive. It allows us to connect with everyone in our lives more conveniently but it also can put too much information at our fingertips and in the case of Jill, pushed her to do something irrational that snowballed into a bigger problem.
The next time you find yourself considering looking at your ex’s Facebook or Twitter, ask yourself if what you’re going to find will in any way help you move forward. If you can’t answer that with a definite yes, then you should probably avoid clicking that link before you read something or see a picture that will set your progress back quite a few steps.

Signing out,

Jeremiah H.

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