You Can Turn Your Fears in to Strengths during Divorce

You Can Turn Your Fears in to Strengths during Divorce

A breakup or a divorce is a huge hit to any one’s self-confidence.

There are also a lot of questions that come from the fear of being alone or being unwanted. From the questions about yourself to other people’s thoughts to job and housing, it quickly adds up. If you are asking you questions that are causing you to be afraid or worried, that alright. You can change how you see your life and become a better and stronger person than you were in the past. You can do this by writing down positive affirmations and saying them to yourself. Here are 7, which you can use to make yourself stronger.

One –  I deserved to be employed and paid well.

No matter if you have a job or are looking for a job, you should believe that you deserve that job. Mindset is everything, and a divorce can make you question your value. Your skills are worth money.

Two –  I am blessed to have great friends and amazing family.

While your friends and family may not understand why you are going through a divorce, they still should be your support system. Remember to be grateful for them.

Three – While times are hard, they are only going to be a short time in my life.

When you look back, a divorce only takes a short time. While it can seem like the longest period of your life, it’s not. You need to be ready to make the next step in your life, as life will pass you by if you are not ready.

Four – I am powerful, and indestructible.

Self-confidence is one of the most important parts of rebuilding during and after a divorce. Even during a divorce, you should remind yourself that you are the only one that can hurt you.

Five – I woke up with a clear mind and powerful heart.

Staying calm and building self-confidence is important when you are dealing with the divorce. Allowing comments get to you in not going to help in the long run. This reminds you that you need to stay calm.

Six – A new stage of my life is starting.

Many people see divorce as an end. However being positive, divorce is a new stage that you are able to create.

Seven – I have the qualities I need to be successful.

Knowing your best qualities and how to use them are two important steps to easing fears from a divorce. Even if people are saying your worthless, you are able to think of all the qualities that make you special.

Having a passivity outlook on life can change your whole feeling about a divorce. A divorce is a stage in life that many people go through. Knowing that life will continue, you should be able to tell yourself that life is going to get better.

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  1. Britanica
    October 11, 23:50 Reply
    I know this will sound out there, but for many who go through a divorce, it is the company that is the hardest to move on from. You get used to the person being there for you or just being there (physically) in general. It is adult human nature to pull away from change but we need to tap into our inner child when change comes. Children embrace it as a new adventure! Divorce isn't death and whatever brings you to that point, you have to look at it this way... The people who don't divorce are TRULY bonded to one another. Would you be happy being in a relationship where you don't have a bond, for the rest of your life?
    • Thom Slade
      October 12, 07:14 Reply
      How very true. I also think it's an odd transition in many circumstances when we "divorce" the in-laws. I have been sent many emails regarding the loss of communication after decades love and care with our "other" parents.

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